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August 5th, 2003, 18:40
www.ePSXe.com (http://www.epsxe.com) YAY :D

We have been waiting for this for some time now :D :P

Whats new:

ePSXe v1.6.0, released on xx.08.2003

- Fixed some cdrom emulation regressions and added more accurate cdrom
emulation which fixed Gran Turismo 2, Dance Dance Revolution series,
Gear Fighter Deboh, Hokuto no Ken and Gundam Battle Assault 2.

- Made changes to cdrom emulation to make modchip detecting games work.
Fixes Legend of Dragon US, Winning Eleven 2002, Um Jammer Lammy,
Omega Boost JAP, Wild Arms 2nd Ignition JAP, Saga Frontier 2 JAP,
Chocobo Racing JAP and possibly others.

- Added support for autopause when playing CDDA sound. It should fix the
problems with music in games like Tomb Raider I.

- Added support for report mode when playing CDDA sound. It fixes
tekken 1 music and Lemmings 3D. (if you have problems with this change
it can be disabled with the commandline -disablereportmode).

- Fixed some problems reading subchannel. (Harvest Moon)

- Minor changes to change disc function. (Arc the lad 3)

- Now the memcards are autosaved on the fly. It should solve the
problem of lost memcards if the emulator crashes on gameplay.
(Remember that it is a good idea to backup your memcards often)

- Added gun emulation using a mouse. (Time Crisis 1, 2)

- Now the mouse emulation can be selected in the second gameport,
only 1 mouse is supported, so if you do enable it, it will be
disabled in the first pad.

- It is now possible to select analog, digital and disabled mode on
every gamepad.
(Thanks to everybody who helped testing it

- Included multitap support. In this version only 1 multitap is
supported. If you select multitap, it will support 4 gamepads, that
will be connected to the first gameport of the psx. Multitap must
only be enabled in games that support it, in the other games
the gamepads won't work if multitap is enabled.

- The keys F5 and F6 have a new function. F6 is used for select a pad,
and F5 will toggles digital/analog mode on the selected pad.
(you need upgrade your gpu plugins to 1.73 or superior)

- The dos window that shows the info messages can be enabled/disabled
from the GUI.

- Included support for CDI isos. (Discjuggler format)

- Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made some more games
playable. For example, Spyro 2 PAL, Spyro 3 PAL, Front Mission 3,
Batman Gothan City Racer, Duke Nukem: Land of babes, Ridge Racer JAP,
Nekketsu Oyako, Bust a Grove 2 JAP and others.

The Site also states:

ePSXe 1.6.0 has been released. Many things have been fixed and some more features should be included in another fix version that will be released shortly. As usual you can download the latest version in the files section

So glad to see this release, and glad I got to post the news on www.emufanatics.com (http://www.emufanatics.com), though I am without my own machine atm (it blew up), I am using my GFs and done some simple tests, the 5502 BIOS still brings an error up, and still no audioCD support in the BIOS, but no more closing the emu every time you change plugin etc, which makes things so much faster to use, great release by the team :D :D

Hopefully when I am back on my own machine, I will be able to test if WipeOut 3 SE has music, and Fear Effect 1 / 2 stop crashing with PEC.

August 5th, 2003, 18:58
Thanks a bundle for the heads up on this great new release :)

August 5th, 2003, 20:08
Dammit, I was just about to post this, meh!
Oh well. It's a great release, though.

August 5th, 2003, 20:55
but no more closing the emu every time you change plugin etc, which makes things so much faster to use, great release by the team :D :D

You never needed to keep closing the emu if you used epsxe executor.

August 5th, 2003, 20:57
Problem is I never like ePSXeCuter :P

August 6th, 2003, 19:29
Problem is I never like ePSXeCuter :P

Even without using executor, you didn't need to restart epsxe 1.5.2 after changing plugins. The message to restart was left in there and overlooked. ;)

August 6th, 2003, 19:47
www.ePSXe.com (http://www.epsxe.com) YAY :D
We have been waiting for this for some time now :D :P

Well, since I seem to have most of my N64 problems worked out for the moment, I decided to check psx emulation out finally.

Apparently I picked a good time, as epsxe looks great... once you begin to sort through everything you need and understand how it all works. :)

August 7th, 2003, 06:08
I have been waiting for this release forever now. I'm glad they finally released it. I was wondering though, does anyone know how to fix the voices in resident evil 2 and 3?