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July 30th, 2003, 12:38
I've been trying out some new values for the MM warp code that's in the SP1 release. This is what I've found, including the existing ones:

0000 Mayor's Residence - enterance
0006 Final Boss Arena
0008 Magic Hags Potion Shop
000A Romani Ranch Barn
000B Mama's House
000E Honey & Darlings Shop
0010 Mayors Residence - Mayor's Room
0015 Final Boss Arena
001F Beneath the Graveyard (left entrance)
002F Beneath the Graveyard (right entrance)
0030 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
004F Southern Swamp (from tour house)
006E Southern Swamp (from Woodfall)
006F Southern Swamp (from Deku Palace)
0078 Path to Ikana Canyon
009E Southern Swamp (from Deku Place 2)
009F Southern Swamp (From Potion Shop)
00AF Boat Cruise (picture taking)
00CD Southern Swamp (From Woods of Mystery)
00CE Southern Swamp (From Spider House)
00CF Southern Swamp (From Ikana Canyon)
00FE Southern Swamp (From Owl Warp)
0E00 Curiosity Shop
0E38 Ikana Canyon Entrance
1500 Lens of Truth Cave (get it)
2600 Stone Tower Temple (Upside down)
2609 Stone Tower Temple (Boss Room Entrance)
2604 Treasure Chest Shop
2605 Treausre Chest Shop (counter)
260E Clock Tower (w/ skull kid
2610 Stone Tower Temple (endless fall) I tried this one and it's NOT an endless fall
6214 Romani Ranch
6834 Great Bay Coast (from Pirate Fortress)
7214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
8214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
9214 Zora Shop
A214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
B214 Snowhead (Path to temple)
C214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
D214 East Clock Down
E214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)
F214 Southern Swamp (Reg Entrance)

What I'd like to know is whether or not this is still being worked on, and if so, what progress has been made.

the complete code is:
D03E6B3A 0000
803FF395 0001
813FF39A ????

July 30th, 2003, 13:24
Nice work :) After I made the code I never really played around with it too much, nice to see someone using it. As far as I know it hasnt been touched too much since the SP1 release, I've played with a lot of the values and found stuff but never really documented it too much.

August 4th, 2003, 19:18
how do i use these codes in pj64?

August 7th, 2003, 09:14
If you have SP1, it'll already be in there, just without my additions. While MM is running, go to the Cheats and scroll down to the last one, which is Warp Modifier. Right-click it, click Edit, and replace everything in the Options pane (on the right) with what I previously posted.