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December 29th, 2001, 22:28
When will there be one .
Notice that this tread is for foks who wants one only please dont pollute this tread with post like 3do suck and buy a 3do if you want a play.
So does anybody making a 3do emu.

December 30th, 2001, 00:06
Here some info if someone do :
What is the resolution of the 3DO system?

A: The resolution displayed on screen is 640x480. However, the 3DO has an internal resolution of 320x240 or 320x480, with each pixel being either 24-bits or 16-bits. The 16-bit mode is almost always used for animations, while the 24-bit mode is used mostly for still pictures. There are no other resolutions available. The internal resolution is interpolated into an anti-aliased 640x480 pixel display. The interpolation can be turned on and off via software.

Can the 3DO do real 24-bit color?

A: The 3DO can do 16 bit graphics with CLUTs(Color Look Up Tables) drawn from 24 bits, or it can do true 24 bit graphics.

What does it mean when 3DO product literature says that the system can "animate 64 million pixels per second?"

A: The system is capable of animating up to 64 million 16-bit on-screen pixels per second. This is really 16 million internal 16-bit pixels that are then interpolated as they are displayed on the screen to 640 by 480 pixel resolution, quadrupling the number of pixels displayed on screen.

What are the detailed specs of the system?

A: According to information from an article about the 3DO in Popular Science, the 3DO has an interesting design. Instead of a straightforward single bus configuration, it seems to have a multiple bus configuration. This in theory allows multiple components to be operating simultaneously, with less bus contention problems than would be found in a standard single-bus design.

The heart of the system is two Graphics and animation :
32-bit 12.5Mhz RISC CPU (ARM60) made by Advanced RISC Machines (Roughly equivalent to a 25Mhz 68030)
640x480 pixel resolution at 16.7 million colors
Two Accelerated Video Co-Processors with the following features:
o 25Mhz clock rate.
o Capable of producing 9-16 million REAL pixels per second (36-64 Mpix/sec interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.
o Able to map a rectangular bitmap onto any arbitrary 4-point polygon.
o Texturemap source bitmaps can be 1,2,4,6,8, or 16 bits per pixel and are RLE compressed for a maximum combination of both high resolution and small storage space.
o Supports transparency, translucency, and color-shading effects.
Custom 16-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with the following features:
o Specifically designed for mixing, manipulating, and synthesizing CD quality sound.
o 25Mhz clock rate.
o Pipelined CISC architecture.
o 16-bit register size.
o 17 separate 16-bit DMA channels to and from system memory.
o On chip instruction SRAM and register memory.
o 20-bit internal processing.
o Special filtering capable of creating effects such as 3D sound.
Separate BUS for video refresh updates (VRAM is dual ported)
Super Fast BUS Speed (50 Megabytes per second)
Math Co-Processor custom designed by NTG for accelerating fixed-point matrix operations. (Note: This is *not* the ARM FPA)
CD-ROM Drive with the following features:
o 320ms access time
o Doublespeed 300kbps Data Transfer
o 32kbyte ram buffer
2 megabytes of DRAM
1 megabyte of VRAM (also capable of holding/executing code and data)
1 megabyte of ROM
36 Separate DMA Channels for fast data processing and efficient bus usage
2 expansion ports:
o 1 High-speed 68 pin x 1 AV I/O port (for FMV cartridge)
o 1 High-speed 30 pin x 1 I/O expansion port
1 Control port, capable of daisy chaining together up to 8 peripherals
Multitasking 32-bit Operating System
16-bit Stereo Sound
44.1KHz Sound Sampling Rate
Fully Supports Dolby(tm) Surround Sound
32kb battery backed up SRAM

January 3rd, 2002, 23:31
I seem to have heard a while back that someone was considering making a 3do emu. Never heard of it since.
As for 3do, I loved it. Back in the day, I bought it for 700$ at my local game store. Got only 3 game for it: Gex, Need for Speed, and a party game called Twisted. It was awesome for it's time.
I'de like to see it emulated too.

January 3rd, 2002, 23:37
i think i read a lot of month ago an author of a cd-i emu, on the zsnes forum who was searching for info to make a 3do emu.

For my self i took some school book on vb an a vb6.0 a the beginning of the year,to try to learn and do an emu but,i sucked and then broadband came at home so,i just stop it.

January 28th, 2002, 20:30
yeah i cant wait t'ill a 3do emu is release

January 29th, 2002, 14:50
700$ wow too much for a system but the system kickass :)

January 30th, 2002, 03:48
i was reading something new on emulatronia today about some new info or something discovered. its posted on romov.net, a russian page so i cant really do anything with it. if u wanna have a go with it, go there or something.

January 30th, 2002, 05:10
thx conkerman now i need a translator:colgate:

January 30th, 2002, 06:18
well i got the emulatronia traduce and it seems that romov.net as made available the 3do's bios .

February 10th, 2002, 02:01
I found an emulator http://freedo.sourceforge.net/
well the project is not start yet but someone is making a 3do emu

yes.:D :D

February 10th, 2002, 19:07
I remember playing some boxing game on one once, was pretty sweet. A long time ago. ;)

February 10th, 2002, 19:52
yeah i still got mine .

Hey i'have a question in mind what would it takes to have a 3do message board on emutalk will it be something like 20 or more members that demand one or you make one when you feel like?:alien:

February 11th, 2002, 07:35
The best game for 3DO was that Taxi game, where you could run people over 'n stuff. I remember renting a sweet looking Panasonic 3DO back in tha' day. What was the name of that taxi game??

February 11th, 2002, 17:16
Originally posted by Zoomer
The best game for 3DO was that Taxi game, where you could run people over 'n stuff. I remember renting a sweet looking Panasonic 3DO back in tha' day. What was the name of that taxi game??

Well for the taxi game i dont have a clue
but here's the list http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/3do/index.html

And for that sweet looking it was probably the FZ-10

March 6th, 2002, 19:05
Well we have finally some news from awright69 on http://sourceforge.net/projects/freedo/

"Not that I'm making excuses or anything, but I've been putting in 60-70 hours at work for the past 4 weeks or so. Needless to say, there has not been much time for coding. I have, however, been learning ARM assembler and I have the major structs decoded. Anybody had any experience with the SMTPE-style sync info in the 3DO .AIFC files? I am ignoring the structs at this time but I am sure they are used to synchronize action with gfx somehow. Must have another look at those ROMs! ;-)"

And here what he told me on another forum:

"... i have spent only about 2 hours on the project in the past week. i put in over 70 hours last week on my "paying" job so i am a bit stretched at the moment. i did make some progress with the sound/dsp emu though. the blasted cel anims are gonna be a 2400-beer operation though. the video hardware guys must have been on some _good_ LSD when they came up with the framebuffer specs"

So for 3DO lovers out there (i know theres few) there's a emu comming up for you...well i hope.

March 15th, 2002, 17:28
I've found more news that he post on The CodeMan Forum (http://thecodeman.d2g.com/scripts/cgibin-3do/ultimatebb.cgi)

"i have at long last acquired the sdk for the 3do.... i rescued these cds from the garbage dump... where else? what depths will i go to?
these cds will be of little use to anyone except those planning on doing an emulator (see the freedo project) or writing a game for two reasons: first, these discs are in mac hfs format (remember that the 3do development platform was mac); second, the master game discs were "encrypted" _BY 3DO_ for play on consumer systems... do you really think you could submit the encryption form (which i also have a copy of) to 3do now, and have them happily return an encrypted disk you could get duplicated? i seriously doubt they even have that private encryption key anymore. after all, the 3do corp is in such a sorry financial, legal, and moral state that it's near certain they'll cease ops or be bought in the next few months, and it's already evident to all of us that they abandoned the market of users and developers (after they took our $$$ and our confidence in them) long ago.
i plan to create clonecd or cdrwin images of them, rar them and post them on anybody's ftp that cares to, and consents to, host them.

hysterical (historical) value only, educational purposes only, YMMV, not responsible for legal troubles from, to or by ANYONE. period.

i have the following 6 cds available:
3do portfolio version 2.5 (the latest)
3do toolkit version 1.5 (the latest)
3do toolkit version 1.4
3do toolkit version 1.3/portfolio 1.2 combined (looks like one of the first issues)
portfolio update 1.3
toolkit update 1.3.1

if you consent to hosting these files, email me with an upload account i will send them as soon as I have them done. "

April 18th, 2002, 17:46
we finally have some more

"Posted By: awright69
Date: 2002-04-17 14:17
Summary:IMPORTANT FreeDO Structure Change! Please Read!
There have been some HUGE developments with FreeDO in the past week.

The project has forked.

What this means is, there is now a "dirty" side (legally speaking, the reverse engineering portions will be performed in here) and a "SourceForge-legal" or "clean" side to the project. The "dirty" side gains knowledge of the 3DO hardware, creates emulations of this hardware directly for testing purposes ONLY, and will create an intermediate specification, which the "clean" side can then use to write its non-infringing, public, emulation code from. The two sides are independent, and no coder can "switch" sides from dirty to clean. Once the choice is made by a coder to be "dirty", that is the coder's final decision. The only legal way to protect either side of the effort to the maximum extent allowed by law is to do it this way. The DMCA law in the US, as well as other, similar laws abroad, made this our only possible course of action. We cite, as precedent, the Sony/Connectix lawsuit, Sony's loss of injunction and appeal, the denial of Sony's case to be heard by the US Supreme court and Sony's ultimate purchase of Connectix VGS assets. Our reversing and clean techniques are virtually the same as Connectix's. The only difference between Connectix and us? Connectix was SELLING a commercial product, and we are NOT, nor do we intend to, sell this emulator. This project is a labor of love, and no amount of potential legal action by large corporations will change that fact. We are simply attempting to preserve this console's history in as loving and direct a manner as possible. It is a shame that the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer product did not "make it" in the marketplace; surely, many of us feel that instead of taking it to the corporate grave with them, it would be nicer to release once-confidential information about this obviously no-longer-commercially-viable product to caretakers such as ourselves, but it's not going to happen.

On the "dirty" side:
Several developers, outside the US, have staged a hardware-hacking jamboree and have come up with the first implementation of the ARM60 CPU emulator, and they've got it reading the 3DO ROMs. They are now banging the graphics coprocessors to map them out. DSPs, they're going to have to wait a while. This is where the real development is taking place, right now, as we speak. You do _not_ have to have actual developer hardware or crack your home 3DO unit open to participate in this side; all you really need is a commitment to make time for the project on some regular basis. The "dirty" files are NOT, nor will they EVER, be posted, discussed, or hosted at SourceForge. This is to protect the openness of the clean side, as well as SourceForge itself, from legal action. Instead, they will be hosted on developer machines ONLY, and will NEVER, EVER be released to the public for dissemination or release in any way, to preserve the trade secrets that will be examined. Discussion about the project will typically involve email or chat sessions among the developers. There are currently 4 developers on this side of the project, and they are all within hours of communicating with each other. Each is making a heavy time, money and development resource commitment to make this portion of the project a success, since all of the rest is depending on it.

On the "clean" side:
As the specification of expected application calls and results becomes clear, the specification itself will be updated and posted at SourceForge for the "clean" implementors to do as they wish. Nothing is yet happening here, nor will there for some time, at least until an actual "spec" is generated! ;-) The spec will contain NO original ROM, BIOS, DSP or any other proprietary code, nor will it reveal any "trade secret" of 3DO console hardware operation; it will merely be a list of what the application (game) software wants, and a list of possible actions, results or errors it can receive in reply. This is to be used as a blueprint or map to generate a higher-level emulator that is coded by individuals who have never known or seen the "dirty" side of the reversing effort.

This is how we are implementing this partitioning of development. Coders who vote to be "dirty" can not switch at will back to "clean". Careful documentation will be kept as a legal defense and record of these actions.

A couple of coders still have not decided which way they'll swing. Obviously, some developers will be able to contribute more heavily than others, and others have decided they are not able to commit the time or resources to such efforts due to their "day job" or fear of possible legal action against us, which no one wants nor can foresee.

Anyway, if you want to sign up and contribute to the project on the "clean" side, just send us your sourceforge id and we'll add you to the project. If you want to be "dirty", just give us your permission to forward your email to the "dirty" developers, and we'll make sure they get in touch with you."

April 26th, 2002, 03:36
Few change the dirty side is now known as the closed side
and the clean is known as the open side

May 11th, 2002, 18:55
some progress here.

awright69 post to screen of what the team made running so far on The Codeman's forum (http://thecodeman.d2g.com/)

and he also said this
"I have had these shots since late April, and we almost decided not to release them, but we wanted you to know that this is truly happening. It is important to note that the project is NOT running full titles yet; the code they have simply runs portions of it. Also, NO binaries are, or will be, available for testing yet; even I do not have this particular code. Since the FreeDO project has forked, it will take some more time, as Torx and CodeMan intimated, to "get it right" and provide enough detailed specification to allow the final code to be written. We still have a long way to go but as you can see, the development of the graphics is pretty much on spot. "

May 11th, 2002, 19:12
here's a shot of it displaying the Station Invasion splash screen

here it is running the PhotoCD app.

May 11th, 2002, 19:32
Thx for the news. :)

May 11th, 2002, 20:14
No problem,i like do this and have reply from people who like the 3do like i did and still do.

May 11th, 2002, 23:42
Hey that's great! Nice to see some substantial progress in the 3do emu scene. Just wondering... Do you think it would be benificial to create some kind of plugin system... Probably not yet though huh. Anyway, awesome job and keep it up.

May 12th, 2002, 00:05
Eikef7:I don't think awright69 and is team are ready to talk about this kind of feature.

Right now the only thing they do is try to get something on the screen

In about probably a year or two we wil be able to have info on this kind of thing

July 3rd, 2002, 22:22

First of all we like to say thanks to all people, who keep tracking our project.

As you can read at previous posts we will not be anymore open source project, therefore we've take decision to change our host.

It will not be anymore at sourceforge.net .

Our new web currently under construction, and as soon it will be finished we will let you know.

It can be found at http://www.freedo.org . "

October 9th, 2002, 22:12
Does anyone still follow them...

i do

they said their close to a release .

more on Freedo.org (http://www.freedo.org)

October 9th, 2002, 22:22
Hmm... I sorta forgot about this emulator. Three questions:

1) What are the best 3DO games?

2) How big are the games? Not asking for where to download them!

3) Is this new release going to emuate any games?

October 10th, 2002, 00:30
Originally posted by Lillymon
Hmm... I sorta forgot about this emulator. Three questions:

1) What are the best 3DO games?

2) How big are the games? Not asking for where to download them!

3) Is this new release going to emuate any games?

1.I don't know what type of game you like but for myself Need 4 Speed 1 Road Rash 1 Megarace 1 and Star Figther all games that have a pc or psx version

2.Their on CD-Rom so probably around 600mb

3. Well as the images show it does emulates somethings on some games but i'm not sure if games are playable , probably tough.

October 18th, 2002, 10:57
I had a goldstar verison and made that one looked so sweet ^_^, then I sold it lol. Then I missed it and go another one on ebay (not a goldstar though :()

But anyway, I still have most of the games for it... or did I sell them on ebay.... **** I don't know lol

But of the games that I played I loved
Super Street fighter 2 Turbo
The Horde
ShockWave 1
Shockwave 2
Samurai Showdown
and a few others. This system had potiental but it had a ****ed up controller and was way overpriced when it originally hit.

Man I was waiting for the addon too, so it was gonna be at least an equal with the jaguar ni terms of power... :( Then they stopped the addon and tried to make it a new console but scraped it :(

Mmm Road Rash rocked too ^__^

October 19th, 2002, 00:25
You've forgot Star Control II - 3DO version is da best !!!
Captain Quazar (ok, i know there's PC port but it sucks)

SSF2T definitely better than original arcade version
Samurai Shodown looks like NeoCD version copy but it loads much much faster.

I have all 3DO software + R.E.A.L. one and waiting for SDK...

P.S. I found something interersting inside the system ROM:

+ +------------------------------+
| Ver 2.00(D) Jul,12,1994 |

/ \
/ \
| **[UP]** [C] |
| |
| [LF][RT] [X] [P] [B] |
| |
| **[DN]** _____ [A] |
\ / \ /
\_______/ \_______/

C] 400Hz: None ? Y:[B] N:[C] None : 3kHz ? Y:[B] N:[C] 400Hz: 3kHz ? Y:
[B] N:[C] 400Hz:400Hz ? Y:[B] N:[C] 3kHz : 3kHz ? Y:[B] N:[C] 400:400(-20
db)? Y:[B] N:[C] Yes


Does anybody know how to get this test mode to work

I've also found some sound samples and text that looks like command line
tools help strings

-a auto-maintain
-c check-repair
-d defragment
-m mount
-u unmount
-v verbose
-y yes

Defragment ? mount ? Smells like hard drive :)

October 19th, 2002, 03:42
Not quite sure what your talking about but if it looks someting like this (http://www.doc-witness.com/fre/diag.PNG) their a topic on freedo board (www.doc-witness.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi) about a test program embbeded to BIOS of the Panasonic FZ-10 just look for "Rumors about diagnostic program in FZ10"

October 21st, 2002, 12:59
Yes, this is it. Thanks.

October 21st, 2002, 22:00
Originally posted by Flash
Yes, this is it. Thanks.
you're welcome :D

December 22nd, 2002, 18:40
new screennies available on http://www.freedo.org/