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June 16th, 2003, 06:01
There is a cheat for Zelda MM called "Press L for beta world 1". Does it really work?. I press L (after setting it on and select a beta world, obviously) but nothing happens. I'm using the (U) version.

June 16th, 2003, 09:36
Yeah the code really works, I made it a while ago, when its enabled walk thru a doorwar while pressing L and it should work for you.

June 24th, 2003, 20:19
where can I get that code

June 24th, 2003, 20:46
It's already included in project64.

June 25th, 2003, 06:07
I dont have that one on my PJ64
I do have one called "Use all C buttons" and I don't know what it does.
Does anyone have the code so i can add it and try it pleezze

June 25th, 2003, 18:00
Get sp1.

June 26th, 2003, 17:49
Doomulation said: "Get sp1." (sorry don't knowhow to quote on this forum)

what does that mean

June 26th, 2003, 19:47
sp1 = service pack 1.
Get it from the pj64 forum.

July 7th, 2003, 18:41
Thanks! The code really works, but its notes are from a former code called 'Walk through doors' or something so. Besides, the codes' descriptions do not match the real places . Here is a list of the codes currently in the cheat, the [bracketed] are the plaches the cheat really took me:

$00 Mama's House non Beta [Game hangs],
$01 Fearful Spider House [Game hangs with a 'Executing from non-mapped space' message],
$02 Beneaf the Graveyard [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$03 Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry,
$06 Outside Tourist Information Southern Swamp [Mama's House],
$08 Outside Magic Hag's Potion Shop [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$0A Southern Swamp Woods Of Mystery Entry [Beneath the Graveyard],
$24 Counter Of The Tresure Chest Shop [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$2E Woodfall Temple non Beta [Clock Town 1st Time Entrance],
$32 Spider Hand [Snowhead Exit to Mountain Vilage],
$35 Statue outside Gorman Track [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$36 Statue outside Lair Of The Temples Boss [North Clock Town, Deku Scrub Playground],
$38 Path to Romani Ranch non Beta [Game hangs],
$4A outside The Royal Palace of the Deku Kingdom [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$4C Ledge in The Royal Palace of the Deku Kingdom [Astral Observatory],
$4E inside The Royal Palace of the Deku Kingdom 1 [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$71 Green Blobs [East Clock Town],
$74 Cave Portal to Last Boss Field [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$7F Waterfall Sothern Swamp [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$8A Giant Turtle In the Temple non beta [Goron Village],
$8B Room of Miau & Tijo Zora Great Hall [Waterfall Rapids],
$94 Recieving Gorans Mask non Beta [Goron Village, Near Goron Shrine Entrance],
$95 ?,
$96 Hungry Goran in the Snow [Receiving Goron Mask],
$A2 Statue in Stone Tower [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$A6 Stone Tower non Beta [Southern Swamp Old Kokume's Boat Cruise],
$B9 Recieving Deku Mask non Beta [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$D9 Giant Lizards in a Cave [Southern Swamp Mr Tingle Entry],
$DA Cave with Steaming Water [Laundry Pool],
$FF Vamps House In Ikana Canyon [Game hangs]

By the way, there is a tool for looking cheats in pj64?

thanks s lot!!!!!

July 7th, 2003, 20:56
ok 1st this code is correct but for some reason the press L is still in the file (was for Dev purposes) & the note is no longer there.........

Any way what ever Region you are playing J,E Or U click & Highlight the cheat Name "Press L for beta world 1" and then right click to press Edit.

now change the Name from Press L for beta world 1 - beta worlds.

now on the code field you will see a Activator starting with D0 & ending in 0020.
change the 20 - 00 and then in the Cheat Note field add this note below.

Put on the code on load up,After the Nintendo logo you will be in that place of Choice.you can also choose another place & then press F1 (reset) to go to that place after the logo again.this is for beta interest only it will not assist you in playing the game.

After you have checked it is correct press Update Cheat.