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December 28th, 2001, 07:27
[02:24] <Emu64fan> where do i really get roms
[02:24] *** Malcolm^2 is now known as Malcolm^3
[02:24] <Emu64fan> please
[02:24] <Malcolm-> well, u wanna really know?
[02:24] <Emu64fan> yes
[02:24] <Malcolm-> ok well
[02:24] <flow``> goatse.cx dammit
[02:24] <flow``> :/
[02:24] <Emu64fan> :l?
[02:25] <flow``> www.goatse.cx
[02:25] <flow``> mmk?
[02:25] <Emu64fan> do i get it here in this web page?
[02:25] <Malcolm-> first you goto walmart, get one of those little gray cartrages and unscrew them, be sure to watch for the security people, then theres a little chip inside
[02:25] <flow``> ya
[02:25] <flow``> lol
[02:25] <Emu64fan> Chip
[02:25] <flow``> http://www.goatse.xc <--double click
[02:25] <Malcolm-> put the chip in your a drive and load up pj64
[02:25] <flow``> under the "rom" section
[02:25] <flow``> lol
[02:25] <flow``> Malcolm-'s just messed with ya
[02:26] <flow``> [02:25] <flow``> http://www.goatse.xc <--double click
[02:26] <flow``> [02:25] <flow``> under the "rom" section
[02:26] <flow``> do that
[02:26] <Malcolm-> jp64 will read the drive and boom, your playing zelda
[02:26] <flow``> they have a lot of rom s there
[02:26] <flow``> rofl

hehehe :D

December 28th, 2001, 07:44

these are the 2k2 lamers guys, get used to 'em...