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November 27th, 2001, 02:16
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November 27th, 2001, 02:18
you see if I was a mod I'd move this to Talk of The Town or Suggestions, which are far more appropriate places for this thread

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Raging Fuel
November 27th, 2001, 07:45
Well Emulation64 no longer covers PSX emulation. Thats pretty much what happened to it.

November 27th, 2001, 11:09
Yeah, Raging Fuel is right. PSX emulation now goes in this forum instead. :)

November 27th, 2001, 14:36
i didn't like the psx forums from the begining
they dont have anything except
bleems died
what happened to vgs
epsxe compatibality list

November 27th, 2001, 15:53
they were good at first but PSXfanatics (http://www.psxfanatics.com/) covers PSX emulation pretty damm well, so there was no point really

/coughing gets louder ;)

November 27th, 2001, 20:10
Sorry Blizz, i forgot PSX is no longer a Next-Gen system. ???

ya, if ur a *cough* Mod *cough*. u may move this elsewhere. In fact u could remove this threat... if ur a mod *cough* hint *cough*. ;)

just wanted to know, because I have problems with my ePSXe and WinXP...

Martin, what forum are you talking about?

November 27th, 2001, 20:54
:cool: hehe

whats up with epsxe in XP?

November 27th, 2001, 21:00
do you have lots of experience with ePSXe?:)

i guess i'll ask it here.

OK, I tried to get MGS: Integral to run on ePSXe with all included plugins (oh, I used the W2K CDR plugin) and Pete's Video and Audio. The game is fine in the main menu, but when I try to start the game, the screen just stays black.???

November 27th, 2001, 21:13
Tried running ePSXe in Win 95 or Win 98 compatibility mode ?
That might fix it

November 27th, 2001, 21:41
Nope, doesnt work...

I actually wonder if the compatability modes are useful in WinXp. They never work the way it was advertised:angry:

MGS does work on this emulator right?

November 28th, 2001, 00:45
yeah it does, you may have to turn of mdec support but it is certainly playable

is the game not running at all or the emu?

November 28th, 2001, 02:04
the game runs, but doesnt play. If it has to do with the mdec support, how do I turn it off?

November 28th, 2001, 15:21
OK, I tried to get MGS: Integral to run on ePSXe with all included plugins (oh, I used the W2K CDR plugin) and Pete's Video and Audio. The game is fine in the main menu, but when I try to start the game, the screen just stays black

I think MGS: Integral has problems running under ePSXe. That's the deal there. I saw a post in emuforums of the ngemu site regarding this. It's not the same as the US release which makes things interesting.

As for PSX emulation etc. Well Yeah bleem died and that's that :)
VGS was bought out.. and that's that. It's not a big deal we just live with ePSXe and about 6 other up and coming PSX emulators that do a good job :)

I can't tell you off hand what the problem is on MGS: Integral either, some of the PSX emulators allow you to step through the code, in this case that would be good. I know right now I would like a debugger version of ePSXe so I could work on my GPU plugin more.


November 28th, 2001, 15:56
The compatibility mode sometimes makes games , programs work that don't opperate under Win XP self but this doesn't work for every game or program.

November 28th, 2001, 16:53
I just tried running my copy of MGS (it's the platinum PAL version) and it wouldn't

yet Kula world runs fine, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the CD plugin, and not the actual gpu and spu plugins, since the barret CDR plugin completely freaked out on me (unsurprising given it's age), I'm not sure if XP has an aspi layer since Win2000 was missing it, but download a copy of wnaspi.dll into the epsxe folder for good measure and if it does cause a problem it can always be safely deleted easily.

oddly neither off my copies of FFIX work, although my US copy used to, but Chrono Cross still works,

November 28th, 2001, 22:35
I download the wnaspi.dll already, and it doesnt make a difference. Same problem, no better, no worse.

So is the US version the only one comfirmed to work with ePSXe? ???

November 28th, 2001, 22:42
I have a suspicious feeling that it is, have you tried ripping the game and seeing if the iso works?

November 28th, 2001, 23:30
ya, i tried the ripped iso of the cd. No luck. :(

hav u tried to emulate the iso of your pal version, Blizz?

November 29th, 2001, 00:44
yeah it didn't like it, unsurpirising since Europe is the place where they like to try out new anti-piracy measures for Sony,

Intergral is the Jap version with the american dialogue isn't it? because I can't find a protection fix for that, suggesting that it either doesn't need one or isn't protected or it's something else,

November 29th, 2001, 01:43
yup, thats the integral version.:)

but i didnt understand a word you said after that...???

November 29th, 2001, 02:11
LOL, sorry

basically there are hacks for games to get around the protection systems and to convert the displays to pal from ntsc, but there isn't one for Intergral

November 29th, 2001, 02:51
so it's not xp's fault,
it's not ePSXe's fault,
and it's not the plugins' fault.

Integral is just not going to work...:cry:

oh well, thanks for ur help blizz!:)