View Full Version : One last J-nes 0.50 issue

January 22nd, 2003, 18:52
First off - wow - zipped rom support and alt/enter for fullscreen are the 2 things that I've waited a long time for. Big cheers for that :)

The only issue left in the new 0.50 release (which incidentally wasn't present in the old ones), is the following...

Full-screen w/no stretch doesn't center the display horizontally. It's nudged tight on the left side of the screen. Well at least for me it is, and I'm using a desktop res of 640x480 with a J-Nes res of 320x240x16bpp.

Maybe it occurs regardless of resolution (?).

Anyways just thought you should know Jabo. All else is perfect from what I can tell. 2 thumbs up all the way.


January 22nd, 2003, 19:20
Yep, same here. I also noticed it does not keep aspect ratio in full screen either when stretched.