View Full Version : whats the deal none of the n64 emu's work

December 21st, 2001, 19:11
i tried a bunch of emulators for the n64 on my pc and none of them work, i want to play goldeneye ....
p3 933mhz
128 ram
42 gig hd
geforce2 ultra 64ddr

lemme know which one i can get to play goldeneye thats the only game i want to play, and perfect dark....

December 21st, 2001, 19:26
try either pj64 1.3 or 1964.0.7.1 (1964 has better speed) or ultraHLE with a glidewrapper. nemu, at the moment doesnt properly support GE. but considering the current unreleased beta plays perfect dark, im sure goldeneye will be playable on nemu. also type ur prob on the general n64 emu area, as this a dedicated nemu forum.