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January 2nd, 2003, 10:57
i know that in many other posts about the keys stuffing up in Fullscreen ( save states etc.) its true, There must be a bug!. I was emulating Zelda 1 for about 9hrs non-stop, then at the last boss i saved my state. Then i finished the game, whilst the ending was nearing I pressed Alt Enter to check something in another window, and then instead of going back to windowed mode, it loaded the save state!. Then i pressed F7.. and yes, you guessed it, it went to windowed mode :(. I'd lost it all because of that. I thought maybe it was cause i was playing it for 9hrs straight, so i ran a test on my other machine (btw both machines have Win2k Pro, SP2). Then i tried messing with the buttons alot on the other machine and nothing went wrong, yet it did on my original machine that it happened to before :(. I think its a glitch with the keyboard / Gamepad, since the one that had the problem i was using a stanard 4 button Gamepad, and on the other it was only with the keyboard. It must be a problem with the Gamepad being mixed with the keyboard or something....

Sorry for writing so much >_<.



January 16th, 2003, 23:02
its just a notice...
i looked at your website, it contains ROMs...
is this ok for emutalk?