View Full Version : Help dearly needed! Screwed up graphics in emu!

December 22nd, 2002, 03:03
OK I have downloaded Project64 and some roms(off of KaZaA) and I load them up into the emu and the graphics look beautiful and it goes fast except for serious graphical glitches! For logos and other GUMPs there are no transparencies so that like for instance the Zelda logo will have a orange box around it! Not only that but certain textures will be either completely white or not even there. In the starting screen for Zelda 64, epona is white, and some of the castle walls are white. Any and all help will be appriciated.
BTW I don't think it is the ROMS but I'm not sure. The comp im using is a 128MB SDRam, 1.3ghz, 40GB, with WinXp Home and I have the latest version of DirectX.
Screenshots to show you what I'm talking about:
http://www.raydesigns.net/~maxima/frogfusious/wierdzel/errors1.bmp http://www.raydesigns.net/~maxima/frogfusious/wierdzel/errors2.bmp
http://www.raydesigns.net/~maxima/frogfusious/wierdzel/errors3.bmp http://www.raydesigns.net/~maxima/frogfusious/wierdzel/errors4.bmp

December 22nd, 2002, 03:40
Nevermind, I changed some options around and fixed this! w00t! Now everything is l33t...only one problem, getting used to a snes-style controller with n64 controls. o well bye

December 22nd, 2002, 13:38
Next time, don't tell us where you got your roms. Nex time, tell us your gfx card when asking questions like these.