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December 19th, 2001, 12:32
The purpose of this list is to provide an easy look up so that you know which game works best with which emu, produced for purely selfish issues but hope it is useful anyway!

Caveats first,

This is a ‘lazy’ list, what I mean by that is that the testing procedure used 1964 first, if 1964 ran a game fine, then it got a tick in the box, and I moved on, if it did not work ‘well’ then I tried pj64, then Apollo, then Daedalus then Nemu. The order was simply chosen because 1964 lists all the games in the directory making it easier to choose the game that I wanted to run, then I chose pj64 because of its compatibility, (PJ64 1.4 has game lists, cool!). Nemu was last purely because I had to unzip the game to test it. (Told you I was lazy!)

I have no opinion as to the ‘best’ emulator, I think that all the authors do an amazing job that I could never hope to emulate (sic) so huge kudos and thanks to all of them, I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in just to allow me to play conkers on the train to London every morning! J

Third, to me a game works only if I can play it properly, if it runs but the graphics are too screwed up to make it practical (flashing on Bass Hunter for example) then it gets listed as not yet emulated. Also my testing is about 5 minutes a game on most of the titles, if the game runs but crashes after the 20th level, I won’t have seen it.

Fourth – again down to laziness, I’ve not played around with the settings of the emulator (including plugins) Where possible all emulators were tested with Jacobs 1.3, (btw I think that it is great that Nemu uses it’s own graphics – keep going guys), the Noot-di input plug in (sidewinder works well) and Azimers audio.

Err if a game listed as working does not work on your machine – it’s all a matter of caring – You don’t matter and I don’t care! ;-) Just kidding! FYI The machine I test on is a dell laptop, 1G Pentium III, 256M, 16M Rage mobility – I need all that power to do spreadsheets (yeah right!)

Lastly before I finish making excuses and sucking up, remember that by it’s nature this list is already out of date, PJ1.4 was not tested much, so for example Spiderman is listed as working best in 1964, it works well but the compass does not work, in PJ 1.4 – the compass works (pj64 1.4 rocks!) left to do is try and finish testing the games on my to do list, test pj64 1.4 on the ‘not supported list’ and add a game emulation ‘score’ on each one (10 – perfect, 8 – works fine but some graphic mess up etc)

Hope this helps


December 19th, 2001, 12:33
and the file attachment this time!