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December 10th, 2002, 15:56
Core changes:
- added support for Flash 128K (thanks DesktopMan)
- added checks for out of memory condition
- added sound volume option
- fixed message when failed to write battery file (previously always saying
failure to open file NULL)
- fixed sound mixing ratios specified in 0x4000082 (thanks Damian)
- simulating memory behaviour when no cartridge present (32-bits still
Windows version:
- automatically apply IPS patch if it exists (configurable)
- added save/load support in the memory viewer
- added support for filters in 32-bit mode for all filters
- added AVI writing support (no sound yet)
- can now pause emulator before loading any file
- memory viewer now displays current edit address
- removed some test code introduced at version 1.1 that slows down the emulator
- exporting GSA snapshot defaults title to internal name
- fixed missing check marks on layers menu
- fixed bug showing maker code/name from some old games
SDL version:
- added support for long options
- added support for passing configuration file name
- added profiling support (GMON format - see README)
- added support for filters in 32-bit mode for all filters
- automatically apply IPS patch if it exists
- improved search for configuration file: current directory, user directory,
executable directory (in order) are searched
- fixed configuration problem with saveType and removeIntros
- fixed big endian problems in SGB code
- fixed big endian problems with rotated sprites
- fixed big endian sound endianess

Also, the resource for translation and the Brazilian Portuguese translation is available.

For the developers, I've uploaded a pre-compiled version of GPROF and the needed functions to use profiling and console debugging with VBA.

Have fun.


Very very nice work, Forgotten :)

December 10th, 2002, 18:57
Thanks for the info!
I always try to post this info before you (that's why I'm the GBA reporter here ;) ) but you always come here before me >_<

December 12th, 2002, 00:02
1.3.1 bugfix released. it was also released in some other languages, more on the way in the next few days as usual probably

December 12th, 2002, 01:54
Originally posted by Anchel
I always try to post this info before you

Now now - let's leave the competition to the mods, OK? ;)

December 12th, 2002, 19:02
You know I'm very competitive ;)
*Anchel remembers the Spam wars <_<

Talking about those wars.... has anybody seen RPGlover12 around lately?

And of course, thanks for the info, conkerman