View Full Version : Goldeneye 007 secret island?

December 10th, 2002, 06:22
Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about how to access the secret (or "abandoned" rather) island in the Dam level in Goldeneye 007...I am able to activate the cheat code and I can get into the water (I have to wait until I get to the dock to activate it or else I get stuck in the level), but I am only able to walk around the left side, sometimes it even guides me through the cliffs, but I can't actually access the island itself

I've tried both 1964 and Project 64 (though I had to add it manually for PJ64) and they both seem to do the same thing...a few sites say something about pressing L + R to get into the water, but all I've had to do is activate the code...I just wanted to know if anyone has been able to successfully pull this off using an emulator, which I'm assuming it can be done since the cheat was already in 1964's cheat list.

It's no big deal, but I've been wanting to get to this island for years and had never owned a GameShark...

Thanks :)

December 10th, 2002, 11:28
Hey heliotropic.

1st yea that was suppossed to be taken out of 1964 :blush:
I was doing some testing to perfect it & erm must of forgot to remove it <_< :D

thats why there wasnt a note with it sorry about that.

ok try this below thats how to get to it But ive got to add its nothing impressive (but as you have been waiting to view it) Have Fun.

Secret Island on Dam Level

D0064F31 0030
800D33ED 0050
880D33ED 0000


For the above code to work,Get to the 2nd guard tower & go down the ladder on the left hand side & to the end of the Dock, Press L & F9 and you will be transfered in the water. Just keep walking straight & you will get to it. Obviously you can't actually climb ladders or anything, you will simply walkthrough anything on that Part, if you want to walk back to the Dock, when you come near it click the cheat back on & keep pressing Press L & F9 untill you are back on it.

Heres a Screen Shot of it in action Below