View Full Version : zelda ocarina of time question

December 9th, 2002, 21:46
in game when i press start takes like 4 secs to go to screen where u can load etc. that normal ? my specs are athlon XP 1800+ 512 MB DDR Ram 60 GB HD geforce 4 TI 128 MB RAM and same for Mario Party(s) if it changes to other player to jump for numbers it's loadin or something??? any options to fix that? im runnin game at 1024*768 32 bit but mostly games runs sweet 60 fps :) some 1 said there is a option to change the sound buffer size where is it? that will be it thx :)

December 10th, 2002, 10:12
1. for zelda ocarina of time : i'm not sure <_< coz i had no problem at all

2. for Mario Party : i have got the same prob before, and i found out that the geforce driver is caused the problem, r u using 40.71 detonator driver ? if yes, maybe that's the prob, i'm using 30.82 det driver ATM and that's solve the Mario Party prob , haven't try the newest one tho (41.0?)

December 10th, 2002, 11:09
#1: known issue afaik. There's no solution.
#2: this seems to happen to me as well. I'm going to try the 1.4 plugin, and i'm changing back drivers later...so to see if it fixes it.