View Full Version : evoodoo 2.0.4 no window

December 7th, 2002, 00:33
I can't run evoodoo 2.0.4 in window mode, it's greyed out. It works with evoodoo xp but I can't use that version, too slow. :cry:

December 8th, 2002, 07:23
if the feature is implemented just not totally incorperated, then u may be able to open it up in a res hacker and un grey it out... idk... just a thought, ive only done this successfully with one program before...

December 8th, 2002, 14:26
Erm, evoodoo xp isn't slow afaik
And for all i know, the xp version is the most updated one.

December 9th, 2002, 12:52
Yes it is. At least version 3.2 runs with, let us say, 1 frame every 2 seconds. I'm using v3.1 now but it lacks 3.2's window mode.

December 9th, 2002, 19:55
hrmm thats odd considering i had full framerates using evoodoo xp on my p2 400 w/ gf3 when i had it... although that was indeed with the original uhle