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November 30th, 2002, 23:08
Im using now GlideWrapper, whats the BEST GLIDE WRAPPER ?
(and the version??)

1: when i use Uhle Alpha 1.1.3 , many errors while playing (sound....)

2: when i use Uhle Alpha 1.1.0 , load game or/and press F5
nothing hapens

3: iŽll try now another version


November 30th, 2002, 23:51
1.Glide Wrapper:
You have a GeForce 4, right? I have a GeForce 2 and with GL2Ideal 1.6 works fast and perfectly (I recommend it). eVodoo works very well too, but it's a little slow, and XGL200 just don't show right the graphics :(

For some strange reason, I'm the only one that can't hear any sound with UltraHLE alpha 1.1.3 (you too?), but the sound works fine with previous versions (ż?).

3.Save/Load state:
The save state shortcut is F6 (or shift+F6)
And for load F9 (or shift+F9)

EDIT: If you are runing gl2ideal under windows XP, you will have to press ESC and F5 after loading a game if you want to see something (or you can just run it in window mode).