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  1. Demul 0.7 crashes on starting a rom
  2. Is disc (image) swapping possible? - Booting .cue/.bin files
  3. [Demul v0.7 alpha 200915] Glitchy gfx / flashing textures
  4. Demul v0.7 dx11ng: Can't disable scanlines.
  5. [Demul v0.7 alpha 230915] Virtua Fighter 4 gfx glitches
  6. Improve performance
  7. Xinput
  8. Opening CHD causes Demul to crash
  9. Demul 0.7 - problem with games
  10. Light Gun
  11. Demul With Ati Radeon Hd 4350
  12. Model 3
  13. Suggestion: individual controller configuration.
  14. Demul 230915
  15. Wild Riders very slow?
  16. demul 0.7a sound problem
  17. comand line demul atomiswave no work
  18. Need Help Unable To Find 1_022_01.bin In Romset DC
  19. Command line -dc rom launching issues (no spaces or character limit??)
  20. VF4 Final Tuned performance issues and graphics glitches using 23.09.2015 and DX11NG
  21. Shenmue (PAL) crashes on third disc
  22. demul v0.7a 230915 Full screen with Hikaru
  23. Demul is AWESOME but...
  24. Sound pitch scaling
  25. [Request] Demul with debugger
  26. Demul v0.7a slashout netplay problem
  27. NAOMI 2 Vertex Cache" option?
  28. Can someone confirm if two aimtrack light guns will work with Demul
  29. Marvel vs capcom 2 sprites blocky?
  30. Demul - Support WinCE utilizes only 1 core?
  31. Old school Dreamcast programming query
  32. Demul Help
  33. Romset help and query 0.5.8 to 0.7a
  34. DEmul WinCE Support don't recognize devices?
  35. DEMUL netplay
  36. Demul 0.7a Internal Resolution (Cannot be Change)
  37. 4 Wheel Thunder (+compatibility list) not working ?
  38. DEmul windows icon
  39. DEmul and Windows 10
  40. mapping multiple buttons to one button
  41. bat file CDI launch please help!
  42. Romset Demul 0.5.7 on 0.5.6
  43. Demul Rom Issue
  44. Demul crashes launching F355 Challenge
  45. How to run KOF XI on DEMUL
  46. Demul with Sega Model 3
  47. Demul 0.7 on a core 2 duo?
  48. Marvel vs Capcom 2 Naomi netplay
  49. demul Naomi VMU
  51. Getting DC ERROR! 80040154
  52. Configuring a Gamecube controller
  53. Light gun games in Demul, help a noob please?
  54. Smashing drive no sound
  55. Problem with Daytona USA?
  56. Sega Dreamcast Emulator
  57. Demul -window mode screen resolution o problem
  58. Tips to improve visual quality for Demul DX11
  59. Problems running Dremul on Windows 10 x64 (64 Bit)
  60. Error while booting games
  61. Hikaru Internal Resolution
  62. Demul speed
  63. Can't configure controls. Must be doing something wrong.
  64. Is the official forum, the Russian forum?
  65. Hikaru game data
  66. Demul crashing if autosort is enabled.
  67. Quitting demul causes frontend to crash
  68. demul07a_221215 Netplay Issue
  69. 2016 Update
  70. Thank you for Demul
  71. Whatever settings I try games still look pixelated, please help.
  72. Can't play .cdi files.
  73. How to use Plugins of old versions of Demul in the Latest Version
  74. Shenmue: The Movie Remastered (Fan remake made with Demul)
  75. What is your favorite SEGA Naomi arcade game
  76. Game never loads in online.
  77. Controller - Arcade racing games
  78. Virtual ON: OT Link Play
  79. Post processing/SSAO Support ?
  80. DirectX 10 user, help!
  81. alone in the dark new game option gray
  82. Grey screen (no picture) when running game on NVIDA processor
  83. How about speed improvements on low Computers
  84. Fullscreen Issues
  85. Major slowdowns...
  86. demul not working
  87. [Request] Allow multiple button assignment
  88. New shader option request
  89. Demul 0582: DC version of Cacpom vs snk 2 unplayable on netplay
  90. Latest version DEmul x86 180816 not found
  91. Output Naomi, Atomiswave support game list...
  92. Controller issues using a DS4
  93. Demul gpudx11old setting crashing emulator
  94. Edit scan lines shader or replace with alternative?
  95. SHA1 Error for IDAS3 on Demul v0.7 180816
  96. Error using DIMM option Enabled in Demul 0.7a 18082016
  97. Store VMU data in a different folder?
  98. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Naomi bugs
  99. next version of Demul
  100. Cheat Plugin
  101. [Request] Modem emulation
  102. Internal Resolution option is always grayed out ???
  103. King of Route 66 boots to error message
  104. Hello there gamers. :)
  105. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Demul Netplay?
  106. DEMUL Lagging When Recording
  107. demul 7zip not working
  108. What are the specs required for Demul to run as smoothly as possible?
  109. Problems with Demul 0.7 and Ferrari F355... 4 screens, controls not working....
  110. game will not start after i select new game
  111. not picking up right stick with twin stick controller help?
  112. What to alter in padDemul.ini from P1 to P2?
  113. Impossible to use analog stick??
  114. Demul spuDemul Error
  115. Open Source?
  116. Sega Arcade/ Widescreen Hacks.
  117. emulation station
  118. Stutter
  119. Demul hotkeys list?
  120. Demul won't run any homebrew
  121. Elemental Gimmick Gear won't detect button inputs
  122. Can someone show me how to upscale games?
  123. Will there be a dialup modem plugin for demul?
  124. Demul internal framerate hovers around 20fps unless any options window is opened
  125. Need padDemul.ini for my Logitech G29 wheel + Shifter
  126. New here,and I have a problem of netplay
  127. F355 - Triple screen (fullscreen) with manual gearstick - Logitech G27
  128. No updates for Naomi Bar Codes List? (Read Description)
  129. Clear Game credits with out loosing data
  130. "LOVE AND BERRY DRESS UP AND DANCE!" More KIRAKIRA Universal barcodes
  131. DEMUL - DeadZone by default for X360 controller
  132. Shooting Games trouble
  133. Demul frst set up: a little help
  134. Huh? Weird problem w/ SFA3.
  135. Thank you Demul team!
  136. Savestates broken? (ver 180816)
  137. Awesome Emu. Only missing a few things
  138. Sound stretching
  139. Sonic Adventure Black screen
  140. House of the dead Dreamcast-Demul
  141. New here in need of some help
  142. Shenmue 2 on Demul
  143. Sega Hikaru - problems
  144. Load a different VMU in command line or in game?
  145. Dragon Treasure 2 and 3 and kick4chash playables on demul 7.0a??
  146. Sega Marine Fishing Reel Speed how do you make it work?
  147. Shootout price cue speed
  148. Request for maple twinstick profile
  149. When will the new Version of Demul will be release?
  150. Help me in choose a graphic card for demul (only naomi)
  151. ElysianVMU support for DEmul for FULL VMU Experience?
  152. NAOMI Game Assignments
  153. Questions about/Suggestions for Demul
  154. Controller issue
  155. Help! The Demul dont read my steering wheel..
  156. Load State doesn't work
  157. Sonic Adventure stuttering!!
  158. shader cache build up
  159. Customization of DX11 "New" on Latest Version?
  160. Tetris Giant - How to play in English
  161. Naomi 2 Force Feedback In Development?
  162. Demul v0.7 16 problems
  163. Low Res Textures in Initial D Version 3
  164. Hide Multiboard Slave
  165. DEMUL Issues with DC VMU and Video Resolution problem in VF 4 Final Tuned in v 0.5.8.
  166. Video and audio corruption. Naomi emulation suddenly no longer working.
  167. Demul and Xbox One S Bluetooth controller on Windows 7 - not recognize buttons
  168. DEMUL 180816 Crashing only when Xbox One S controllers are connected
  169. Question about Nvidia's driver optimisation (Demul maker maybe?)
  170. Dual Mice as Dual Light Guns in Demul?
  171. Will a DX12 GPU work with Demul?
  172. Demul Initial D ver 3 - Wheel Issues
  173. now network checking demul virtua fighter
  174. GameSaves from GameFAQs
  175. demul07a_180816: padDemul error
  176. demul07a_180816: Shenmue and graphic plug in
  177. demul07a_180816 : Initial D Battle Mode
  178. Hikaru and Gaelco games don't go auto fullscreen
  179. Dragon Treasure III
  180. Demul and ATI ArcadeVGA 5000
  181. Questions
  182. Brave firefighters latest oct update
  183. Zombie Revenge (naomi versions) glitch
  184. Dragon Treasure II and III sound problems
  185. Could Someone Help With The Configuration Problem?
  186. Initial D Arcade Stage 3: Pedal issues
  187. Crash when trying to map controls with an XInput controller
  188. Super Street Fighter 2 X for Matching Service frame rate issue
  189. Request for Twin Stick profile added to maple Device ports!
  190. Are analog triggers supported or not?
  191. demul unable to find 'mpr-23588.ic501' in romset 'dc'
  192. Support for madcatz TE2?
  193. Demul and memory blocks
  194. Menu Bar still showing in Fullscreen
  195. Demul X86 07 (BUILD 111117) Can't extract spuDemul.dll plugin - Access denied WinRAR
  196. My PC is already built.
  197. Stuttering
  198. DeMul Image Squishing. I can't figure out how to fix it.
  199. Soul Calibur intro glitching (all versions of Demul)
  200. Kick '4' Cash Mouse Issue (45 degree rotation)
  201. DS4 DPad Not Mapping [FIX]
  202. Help understanding latest Demul version
  203. Demul v 111117 gpudx11old plugin crashing the emulator.
  204. HD 7850 and I5 760
  205. GPU Reccommendation for DEMUL NAOMI Emulation
  206. Would it be possible to include a poly counter?
  207. Possible Wince bug?
  208. Games are not recognized?
  209. Command line to specify plugins on launchbox - gdrImage and gdrCHD
  210. Planet Harriers crashes during gameplay
  211. Problem with control config
  212. Demul Lightgun Arcade
  213. Error prompt when opening games
  214. Demul only recognizes one game
  215. Request forum!!!!
  216. Thank you Demul Team
  217. Some Issues
  218. How do you get the dinosaur king and love and berry series working
  219. Demu v0.7 black areas blinking
  220. Virtual On OT Dreamcast/Naomi Issue
  221. Demul is very slow
  222. I can't go fullscreen with the latest version of Demul.
  223. Controller Plugin
  224. Is there a way to enable or disable throttle while playing games?
  225. DX11 plugin not allowing high-res
  226. Demul AMD and color problem
  227. DEMUL Freezing in Windows 10
  228. I've tried to pay with demul but I can't, can You help me?
  229. Load game on RAM + Fast Cache?
  230. Demul Virtua Tennis 2 Error
  231. No longer going fullscreen?
  232. Fullscreen on Iris Plus
  233. Demul won't save to the VMU
  234. DEMUL, error message with steering wheel
  235. Which are the best PC requirements in order to use Demul?
  236. demul crashes, win10
  237. King of Route 66 analog controls too sensitive
  238. Bad Audio with some games
  239. Project Justice in NAOMI causes problems
  240. Demul Antialiasing
  241. demul dc lightgun calibration
  242. CPU for new mini pc for retrogaming: is Demul supported both by Intel and AMD?
  243. Demul: new installation. I need some suggestions please
  244. DEMUL V0.7 ALPHA BUILD 111117 - Metal Slug 6 still crashing
  245. Needed files....
  246. Demul 0.7 Input mapping problem
  247. Demul Marvel vs Capcom 2 : Desynch Detected!
  248. Music stop
  249. Virtua Fighter 4 on Demul Naomi 1-2 doesn't work (Help error message)
  250. Hi about demul