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X-Men 3


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I was wondering what your thoughts were on X-Men 3. I personally liked the movie for what it was. I think that they changed too many things from the comics, but they did leave a lot of plotholes in the movie. Also did anybody actually stay past the ending credits, cause there is an extra scene added to it.
I missed the extra scene, but just KNEW something would be there. Damnit. Enjoyed the movie but I was hoping we could have a few more references to the future of x-men and where the comics eventually went if this is supposed to be "the last in the trilogy".


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I will probably check it out. I really liked the second one. The first one was ok and the trailer for the new one looks lame (been seeing a lot of really poor trailers lately).


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While I really enjoyed it, it was too short, had like no character development, Ratner probably shouldn't have been allowed near it, and it was a serious mistake to try and cram two major storylines into a 105 minute movie .


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I think its a really difficult topic to make an X-Men Movie. Its impossible to put all Story form the comic in to a movie or even a Movie Series ( 3-5)
The Comic and its story was desigend to be a "Comic Story" so its not that suprisingly, intelligent , thrilling thing.
But IMO best thing would have been if an Comic author wrote an abstract which could be dealt within a 10 part Movies Series covering a complexity comparable to Band of Brothers.

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when mystique lost her powers, that let me down. I was also let down when she landed in a curled up position... :p


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they seem to try to hard to make it different than the comic but leave just enough that was in the comics to make you say, that wasnt right. i say either take the movies on whole new storyline or be faithful to the comic, pick one and go with it.
on its own it was ...ok. nothing really special IMO.


That Damn Good
The thing is when they take it from something and keep it the same then you will know what will happen. I think its great that they did it the way they did. I never thought I would see some of the things they did.