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Was perfect dark's skybox always that crappy?


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I don't have the original game to draw from and my memory is faulty in this ara, but the sky is a single static image that stretches to keep it's edge at the top of the screen and the horizon accordingly.

Was it always like that or is this some kind of error?


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1: I wouldn't call this an error. This occurs for both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (same engine). The sky has always been a problem in emulation. Usually, video plugins just render a black sky. Some video plugin actually load the sky texture and just "paste" it in the sky. That's why it's crappy, it's not the real sky but only a texture.

2: Recently, Gonetz succefully emulated the sky for those 2 games in Glide64. This version isn't released yet. If you seek for more details, check on this thread: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=41215