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So I had a choice..


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I was on a *very* low budget, and I wanted a graphics card.

I had a choice between a 256MB ATI Radeon card (forget which.. about £70), and this 128MB GeForce FX 5200, for £40.

I asked about each, and the guy said I should get the GeForce, as i'd only get a few more fps from the Radeon.

Uh, being as indecisive as ever, I decided to grab the GeForce.

I'd just bought a new PC and all I had was some dreadful 32MB integrated SIS effort.

.. Right choice? Or is a little more fps worth nearly twice as much?


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if this Ati radeon is 9200 or something
you should stick with your Geforce Fx 5200 which has more functions.
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