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New Monitor!


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I finally had to break down and enter the 21st century. I bought an lcd monitor after much hesitation and research. I settled on an HP LP1965 19" 4:3 with 16.7m colors (yay no dithering!) and 6ms *VA panel (not TN, much wider viewing angles). http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/19inch-8_12.html for more technical stuff on it. Anyhow, I'm extremely satisfied with it - no dead or stuck pixels and ghosting really isn't an issue. If anyone's in the market for a 19" lcd, I recommend this one (about $300+s/h usd new. I bought it on ebay for about $210 after shipping)


Welcome to the new age smcd! :)

LCD is like 5.1 is to mono as is crt is to stereo - good but not good enough! :p