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NanoBoyAdvance 1.5 is released

NanoBoyAdvance is a Game Boy Advance emulator focused on accuracy.

Linux installation instructions:
  • install SDL2, GLEW and Qt5


  • ARM: force CPSR/SPSR bit 4 to one (fixes Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge)
  • Bus: Game Pak access sometimes incurs a one-cycle penalty when prefetch is active
  • Bus: HALT incurs a two-cycle penalty
  • DMA: make access pattern (more) accurate for ROM to ROM and other weird DMAs.
  • DMA: move the second internal cycle at the end of the transfer
  • DMA: handle more changes to the control register during a transfer
  • IRQ: rework interrupt delay emulation (once again)
  • Timer: writing to the control register takes one cycle to apply
  • PPU: apply horizontal sprite mosaic as a post-process
  • APU: model FIFO as a buffer of seven (not eight) 32-bit words (thanks Gericom) (fixes #101)
  • APU: high bits of SOUND2CNT_L should return zero
  • Input: make KEYINPUT updates atomic to avoid incorrect game resets (from the Key IRQ)
  • UI: maintain a list of recently opened files for quick loading
  • UI: allow loading ROMs via process arguments
  • UI: add shortcuts for fullscreen and window scale
  • UI: implement a workaround for the broken menu bar during fullscreen on Windows
  • UI: hide the FPS counter by default and add an option to unhide it
  • OpenGL: fix a black screen issue on some Intel integrated GPUs
  • macOS: build NanoBoyAdvance as an App Bundle (thanks nadiaholmquist)