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JNES Save Issues


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Hello folks,

New member here; glad to be on board.

I have the latest version of JNES (downloaded a few months ago...how to verify it is the latest?) with pretty much all the games; I absolutely love it but I cannot get saving right.

If I press F5 it creates a file; for example in the game Baseball Stars (one of my all time favs) it creates "Baseball Stars.nes" and is listed as a SAV file.

That is one of those games that does already have the save function as you turn it off (like on the original NES) so that creates another SAVE file although it is not a .nes.

The problem is when I start JNES and go to file open and click on the Saves folder no files appear....even though it is looking for a .nes file which I can see via my windows explorer is not there.

What to do?

On a side note; do I have to delete the file in the SAVES folder before pressing F5 during my same session? I notice when you press F5 it does not overwrite the previous save.

Finally; can you save and restart games that normally did not save on the NES?

Sorry for all the newbie questions but I am exactly that...I love all of this and for games that are lengthy or sports saving to me is very important.

Thank you.