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Hugest toy collection in the history of EVER


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HOLY CRAP. That is allot of scrolling, I didn't have the patience to look at all of them.

I could easily fill my little room if I still had all my old toys and their orig packaging :p. I had many a ninja turtle. Wouldn't even come close to what he has though.


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this guy needs a girlfriend

edit: s**t this guy is married, i guess freaks can have a wife too hehehe
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Jaz said:
I was thinking the same.

Toys are meant to be played with. ;)
Hey, stamps are meant to be stamped to envelopes and yet people still collect them :pacman:

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Someone needs to grow up.....:whistling Games I can understand, but collector dolls, etc.... Sorry, but this guy's a loser.


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GCFreak said:
lol major warning 56k DAMMIT, can any1 tell me how much toys he has?

This much |-------------------------------| :p It's a pretty good amount. Simpsons, star wars, batman, spawn, spiderman & various other cartoon/comic characters...


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or a painfull death for himself, sad crettin, it's like those freaks that collect beany babies....weirdos!!! (Hugs his ROMS collection :p )

tye stik

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HA! If you think that collection is big... well, i guess it is fairly sizable... BUT, you should have seen my friends older brothers collection back in the day. All he used to do was do Special K and play Dynasty Warriors. He once decorated his room with halloween decorations when it was like June or something, he had them up until he got kicked out. Anyways, I'm talkin wall to wall Warhammer, Spawn, Matrix, Simpson, BARBIES (*that was pretty creepy), so on and so forth.


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GCFreak said:
nice :p , but honestly, must be a complete waste of money, maybe he could spend it on a decent pc :D

A decent PC!!!???? with all that he could buy the most powerful PC that is out now and still have money left.