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Guess what


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That's me again :drool:

Well I was ready to completely delete Dolphin cause I thought it doesn't work for me. By pure accident I was able to launch robotech battlecry D. v.1.02 by keep pressing different buttons. I was so surprised that I tried to run D. v.1.03 and v.1.03.2 and found out that they run perfectly on my pc. I get up to 30 fps ingame on D.v.1.03 and 7-9 fps ingame on D.v.1.03.2. Seems it was v.1.02 bug that fooled me.

Really sorry for my critics. Your emulator is really well done. Bravo. :cheers:


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I'm glad you solved the issue yourself :p
yea some builds might be working bad on some systems... but hell, it ain't fun if it works straight out of the box eh :p?