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(GCN) Twilight Princess with Wind Waker Textures


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The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

COMING SOON, Like in a few weeks or so

About: This is a texture pack changing the original Twilight Princess art style of realistic in to Wind Waker's cell shaded art style, Inspiration was drawn from disbala's Skyward Sword texture pack making TP have Skyward Sword's art style. Also the Wind Waker texture pack for OOT (I can't remember who made it..)

Q: Release Date?
A: A long time as this has really only just begun, Retexturing takes a long time. But there is going to be a lot of beta's and demo's.

Q: Wii Version?
A: Yes there will when I release

Release Date: Coming Soon, It is likely that when you are reading this I am working on it now.

Screenshots: 2x Internal Resolution, No AA, 16x Antistrophic Filtering (See Attachements)


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