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What Are People Doing Online Today?
Do You Still Do Things Like You Used To, Or No?
Do You Still Watch The Same Type Movies You Used To?

What Do You Do Online Today?
Do People Even Still Come Here?


The Soul Reaving Gentleman
Same, Still doing the same things but in a different and better place.
Enjoying life to the full with new found freedom, divorced and happy to the power of 1 lol


The decent one
Hellow fellow people,

A lot has changed for me! Always anticipated on a carreer in IT when I used to be around here a lot (I was 15 back then), but working in healthcare now.

Nowdays I barely watch movies or play games anymore. I'm sure that someday I'll pick that back up. Most of the spare time is spent with family/friends and reading scientific papers etc. to stay informed carreerwise and from innate interest.