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  1. EdgeBlade

    Looking for a good Frontend

    I haven't been here in... forever. But I'm recently looking to play some good stuff (again). MAME is so advanced now with screenshots and game information, I was hoping to find something like that for the other game systems. I found QuickPlay, and it's almost exactly what I'm looking for, but...
  2. EdgeBlade

    |\/|etroid Prime 2 is the Bee's Knees

    I've got about 40% scanned so far but it still seems like I'm not too far in the game. The picture is of your first Armor upgrade - the Dark Suit. I really like this adventure/fps/puzzle genere mix.
  3. EdgeBlade

    New Car Advice Wanted

    Ok, I'm 22, never owned a car myself, and am looking to buy. My biggest priority is gas miliage. I've never had a car all my own so I kinda wanna have some fun and buy something new. But I don't want it to be too expensive, I'm aiming for needed payments of 200 or less over 60 months. I know...
  4. EdgeBlade

    Power Problems? or What does this part do?

    I recently updated my system with a new motherboard and processor and used my old parts to build a friend a better machine. I got all the hardware set up, what I think is properly, but it apprently isn't. pressing the power button will give power very breifly, less that a second, and then cut...
  5. EdgeBlade

    Can Halo(PC) run smooth? New Vid Card maybe?

    I recently bought Halo PC for $30 at Target, seemed like a pretty good deal. But the face that I can't get it to run all that well makes the game just not that fun. I've gone into all the ingame settings, set everything as low as possible and still have speed issues. (Should be running at...
  6. EdgeBlade

    Many Qs conserning CPU upgrading and FBSs (NOT "what should I get")

    I'm looking to update my CPU from an [AMD Duron, 1.1 GHz, L1-128kB, L2-64kB, 200 FSB] to a [AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 2.086 GHz, L1-128kB, L2-512kB, 333 FSB] My first question is, can a CPU with a 333 FSB run on my motherboard at the supported FBS? I have the SiS730S chipset. My motherboard user...
  7. EdgeBlade

    Radeon 9200se or GeForce FX 5200?

    Another "What should I get?" post... Sorry. :freak: ATI Radeon 9200se ($52) vs Chaintech GeForce FX 5200 ($58) 128MB DDR Both are about the same price range I'm looking for ($60) but I'm not sure which is better. the Radeon has the same RAM and connections but I can't find the speeds on it's...
  8. EdgeBlade

    OnBoard NIC problems on XP Home

    Recently I have not been able to get my computer to connect to the net. I was tring to set it up so a 98 comp and my xp comp could be on a hum and share the cable internet. this machine (win 98) is all setup and working great, but my comp (XP) won't even find the internet. It can't even connect...
  9. EdgeBlade

    Sharing Cable Internet on a Wireless Network- How?

    I'm moving in with a buddy of mine and he has Cable Internet. I'd like to set up a wireless network and share the internet connection over it. I have no experience with wireless networks so I wanted some suggestions. We have Comcast cable internet. The modem has a cable input and a ethernet...
  10. EdgeBlade

    Are Japanese ROMs Legal in the US?

    I know that ROMs are illegal. But I was wondering if there is some loophole that would make is legal to own a ROM of a game from Japan, like Pokemon Ruby. I used to hava a huge ROM collection but got rid of them all due to wanting to "be clean" :) . I'm now looking for a way to follow the law...
  11. EdgeBlade

    Where can I get a "game bit"?

    I need a screwdriver that can open the screws on the back of my GBA, I belive it is called a game bit. It's a star with just 3 points. Does anyone know where I could order one?
  12. EdgeBlade

    Modem Trouble - PCtel HSP56 MR on WinMe

    I recently got a PCtel HSP56 MR (Model: FB PCTEL AMR) and my Windows ME machine dosen't detect it automatically. I've manually installed it but it dosen't work. I have it set to "use" COM1. It is an internal / AMR (Audio Modem Riser) modem. Any ideas? I've tried updating the drivers, and...
  13. EdgeBlade

    Please help me pick an OS

    I don't actually "own" an operating system, but I'd like to. I'm strugling with a descision between: Windows 98 SE Windows ME Windows XP Home I'm looking for stability and compalitability. XP has just got on my nerves when it comes to running my games, especially when it runs them...
  14. EdgeBlade

    One Long Annoying Beep...

    My friend's computer has this odd problem of having a long endless beep from the computer speakers; reason unknown. It seems to stop if you wait a very long time, but the noise is very annoying. Also, the computer slows down whilst beeping. The light next to the power button blinks while...
  15. EdgeBlade

    Lithum Powered Wirless Devices???

    Hello all, I'd like to get a lithum battey powered wireless mouse and keyboard, possible a combined package? But I have no idea where to look or if anyone has even made such a thing. I've always liked the idea of wirless, but disliked the typical battery lifespan. Lithium batteries are...
  16. EdgeBlade

    Good GameCube Sites?

    What are some good GameCube sites? Also, I have a count down timer on my desktop for E3! It's just a html and flash movie file that I put on my desktop with Active Desktop. I attached the files for anyone that want's to do the same. You may want to edit the bgcolor in the html file to match...
  17. EdgeBlade

    PJ64 too slow? Try running it with a P4 3gig ;)

    Check this out people:
  18. EdgeBlade

    Where can I get Video Game MIDI Music?

    Where is a good place to get video game midis?
  19. EdgeBlade

    Investing in Stock Online Question

    I'd like to investing in some stocks, just for fun. Does anyone know of a good place I could do this online? I have a Debit card w/Visa symbol and I'm 19, is there anything else I'd need that may stop me from doing this? Thanks for any advice.
  20. EdgeBlade


    Is this board dead or what?