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  1. Knuckles

    ePSXe 1.7.0 released!

    Category: <b>Playstation</b><br><br>After 4 years without any new version, the well known Playstation Emulator ePSXe has been updated! ePSXe 1.7.0 has been released. You can download it in the files section. Short changelog: Multiple changes has been done in the Pad support. The internal...
  2. Knuckles

    Looking for Textures artists.....

    Alright, I've been looking around and I'm yet to fall on a good one.... I'm trying to get someone to make hi-rez textures for Perfect Dark. In the only 2 persons that I saw making some for this game... 1 is really .. bad.... and there's Kman's work...
  3. Knuckles

    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 BETA #3 (update)

    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 BETA #3 (64-bits Windows only!) (update) Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Apparently the Released beta from yesterday wasn't actually the last version. A new version has been added and is ready to download. Get your updated version now! :: Dolphin Website :: Dolphin...
  4. Knuckles

    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 BETA released!

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>That's right folks, after a long waiting time, the 64-bits version of Dolphin is finally public! Quote from Dolphin Website: Last year the Dolphin Beta testing team (CKemu/Chaoscode/Knuckles) already posted shots of Dolphin 1.03.2 x64 which also has dualcore...
  5. Knuckles

    2 new Gekko screenshots getting pubic!
  6. Knuckles

    PD-Villa - WIP!

    That's right, I've started to work on Villa some hours ago (even if it's been a LOOONNNGGGGG time since I did anything) , here are some screenshots: map should be done within a few days.
  7. Knuckles

    A new Sonic 2 Beta discovered around 8 months ago

    I'm pretty sure mostly no one in here knows about that. I was looking around for (I don't even recall what) at school and I felt on a website with comparison of the Sonic 2 Beta and the Sonic 2 Final. For fun, I went to check to see if there was anything "new" that I didn't know about those...
  8. Knuckles

    Halo 2 & Shadowrun soon for Windows XP

    Good news for XP users that don't want to switch to Vista to play those 2 games, Falling Leaf Systems offers a free compatibility libraries (once completed, scheduled for late July) to people that pre-order either of those games on Amazon. This library will allow those users to run those 2...
  9. Knuckles

    New high tech data storage device!

  10. Knuckles

    CPU and Keyboard problems on a 2nd PC...

    I have a little PC setup as my secondary PC in my room, Altho right now, I'm having some issues with it. First of all, Each time I try to start it after being turned off from a short to a long period of time, it won't boot using the default CPU speed (1.4GHz) . I will need to restart it and it...
  11. Knuckles

    Gekko update - Teasing time!

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>After keeping a ton of secrets over Gekko's development, we finally decided to show a little part of one. Here's a screenshot of the emulator running using it's own video plugin in action, you might not see a lot, but that's the goal! There's still a lot of...
  12. Knuckles

    The Association to Give Ice Cream to Gamecube Emulators Programmers

    Hello dear members, I am posting today to inform you about the AGICGEP (Association to Give Ice Cream to Gamecube Emulators Programmers) What does it do? This association has as goal to give Ice Cream for Gamecube Emulator Programmers to reward them for their hard work. And what...
  13. Knuckles

    Dolphin x64/Dual Core BETA screenshot (warning 56Ks)

    Here are some screenshots from a "secret*" private Version of Dolphin built for 64bits CPU with Dual Core support and optimisation. The updates are only on the core, thing that improves the speed of most games by a ton. Please take note: -There is NO update on graphic or audio plugins -There...
  14. Knuckles

    PD2004 - Status update

    from recent PMs I got, I will post a new thread just to update stuff. first of all, no, there was no progress within the last months. second, I'm not sure yet if I will or not continue to work on that mod or not. What I thought of is that I might release beta version of the maps I was working...
  15. Knuckles

    //fake// = new N64 game! - already compatible with PJ64

    some people will know from what this is from ;) it's recent.
  16. Knuckles

    Updates on the status

    This is only a small post to tell everyone that I'm not yet done with the mapping. I will start back in the next days (along with College). I know I have problems starting a map and finishing it before moving to another one. I extracted the entire dD tower and ran in some problems, I wanted to...
  17. Knuckles

    World of Warcraft - on what realm are you?

    Since the number of people playing World of Warfcraft keeps increasing , it would be nice to see who here on emutalk are actually playing on the same realm/server (without actually knowing it) Just say: your "game location" (US/CAN, EUR, JAP, etc) your realm/server your "main" character(s)...
  18. Knuckles

    Translation needed - song

    Ok, first of all, don't go all crazy about me with what you'll hear/read ok? :P I have felt on a "medley" mix of the Pokemon (yes I know) cartoon main theme in multi languages on ytmnd. It actually sounds nice. I had some crazy idea (it's almost 2AM) about getting it fully translated in the...
  19. Knuckles

    To Naruto and co. fanboys

    After most members being tired of the "spam" in the forums on repetitive questions about those games,take note that from now on, any new threads related to Naruto will now be deleted immediatly. ALL questions about those games were ALREADY answered MULTIPLE TIMES. use the SEARCH button. Click...
  20. Knuckles

    I felt like playing SSBM

    Yeah, I felt like Playing Smash again on Dolwin ...... and well... completed the Classic Story mode with Fox, fighted against jigglyPuff and unlocked it..... got trophies and so... made many many shots (32), they are in the zip, but I attached some of the "best" ones :P P.S. This is the...