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    F-Zero X in Mupen !

    Compiled latest core on windows and here the result :) Speed increased about 20-30% in all games that i've tryed,i can hardly find any non compatible game,sound is perfect ,great work Hacktarux :) F-Zero is fully playable now as well as some other previously not worked games :)
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    Easy money,Hacktarux ?:)

    Source :
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    Sega Master System screenshots on nsx2 !

    Nsx2 now run commercial games from Sega Master System console.
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    NeutrinoSX2 v 0.06 Released

    Here the changes: ----------------------- GUI: add DebugWindow ( Not fully completed ) CPU: Remove the PrefetchInterpreter Version ( too buggy and slower ) Fix & add missing r5900 Opcodes Fix bug & add opcodes Tables Basic COP2 (vu) implementation DMA: Rewrite all DMA transfert. Partial...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.1.6 Source Code

    After release of new UHLE 2064,i decided to release source code of 1.1.6 as Public Domain. Download it from here: I do not plan to make any public releases of Uhle Alpha in the future,after release of UHLE 2064, much advanced emulator based on the same source ...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.1.5

    Post in this thread bug reports/feedback . Many people asked about glide wrappers and how to use them.I can suggest two best wrappers imo. 1.Gl2Ideal - best wrapper for TNT/Geforce cards, fast windowed mode. Download and installation istructions from...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.1.0 Released

    Here the link Whats New --------------- - Pj64 Input plugin support (put your input and gfx plugins in plugin directory) - Storing Input plugin - Added Fast access menu to rom browser + Right click on rombrowser o Run File o Rom...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.0.7 Released

    Here the link What's new in 1.0.7: -------------------- Fast bugfix release plus languages as a bonus - Languages Support + Currently English,Spanish and French More languages packs are welcomed - Removed Debug output window by popular demand...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.0.5 Released

    The link What's new in 1.0.5: ------------------- - Rewrite of some parts of gui code - Rom browser cache - Emulator creates ultra.cache file on exit - Multiple directories in rombrowser with recursion as an option - File/Rom...
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    Uhle Alpha 1.0.0 Released

    The link. Uhle Alpha 1.0.0 Changes - Zip support - Fixed "spaces" bug - Fixed Load rom dialog - Added more countries and flags to rom browser (Italy,France,Spain) - Added possibility to choose rom directory - Moved Controllers to Configuration - Refresh Rom List submenu added - Full row...
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    New round of Screenshots :)

    Ok,here it is,relax and watch :).
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    One emu to emulate them all! :)

    This is gonna be hard question what's name of the game this shot from ?
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    Hell with Harvest moon,How about SCARS ?:)

    It was hard to choose shots,but here it go :)
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    Announcement to beta testers!

    Currently we do not need additional help with beta testing on Win.But very intrested in beta testers for other Os's,Linux and such. If you still think that you can somehow contribute to the project,be it beta testing or something else ,feel free to send e-mail on [email protected] . Add...
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    Screenshots of ZELDA in Mupen!!!

    Zelda : Ocarina Of Time :)
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    new beta screenshots!

    Great work mupen64 team!
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    Daedalus plugin v0.08-pre3 screenshots

    Great Job StrmnNrmn.Now texture problems in tony hawk 1 and 2 are gone.(and other games as well,like fighter destiny,AeroGauge and probably many others) Here the screenshots Tony Hawk 1,looks just great!