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  1. MGFox

    gCube Front-End for 0.3

    gCubeFront is back! The original was downloaded 42 times and not one person left any feedback :huh: ...ah well, who cares, the 42 of you who did download it, I hope it worked and you enjoyed it! As most of you will know gCube 0.3 was released recently, and it now has more options on the...
  2. MGFox

    Doom 3 Extras

    I'm not sure how many of you have Doom 3 yet, it absolutely ROCKS! I just thought i would post some extra things i found that the developers left in the game, to access them bring down the console (CTRL + ALT + `) and type the following commands WITHOUT QUOTEMARKS:- "map testmaps\test_box" -...
  3. MGFox

    gCube Front-End

    I was bored the other day and therefore decided to make a Front-End for use with gCube, by request of some friends I have decided to develop it and release it here and in EmuForums(NGEmu). It comes with a readme containing the information about usage, features and 1 known issue (reports of more...