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  1. euphoria

    Ati TV Out Overlay in video games?

    Hi, i've been playing with my Ati's TV out (Radeon x700). It's a quite nice feature btw. My question is that is there a way to run video games on overlay so it behaves like video overlay? So that it clones desktop to TV Out unless there is a video overlay present then it displays that in full...
  2. euphoria

    Finland - Czech Republic

    All of you hockey fans should tune in to Finland-Czech Republic game. What a game! As of 9:30 played in the 1st period Finland lead 1-0. Livescore Go Finland!!!
  3. euphoria

    Did a Boeing 757 really hit the Pentagon?

    Something to ponder on:
  4. euphoria

    Really interesting read: "Deconstructing Maui X-Stream"

    Take a look over here: It's really long, but also really interesting to read. It's nearly a month old so probably some of you have already read it, but some of you not... It's a shame (but not surprising) that some people would do...
  5. euphoria

    MGS2: Substance (PC version)

    Ok, has anyone played this one? How is the conversion done? What about gamepad support/graphics/sounds/performance?
  6. euphoria

    Some hotkey problems?

    1. Pressing key F1 triggers "Online Help", not the "Help Manual" as it states in the Help Menu. This is just cosmetic. 2. Ctrl+x is connected to both Save/Load State Slot AND the CF, so if i press Ctrl+3 to make CF=3 the Save/Load Slot goes to 3 also. This may not be intentional, if so it makes...
  7. euphoria

    Correct way to draw an icon in w32?

    The way i do it is wrong - if i move a window in front of my prog it draws the icon on top of the moved window and leaves a 'tail'. This is what i use to draw the icon void draw_icon(HICON hIcon) { RECT rect; if (GetWindowRect(GetDlgItem(hWndMainDlg, IDC_MAIN_STARS), &rect) == 0)...
  8. euphoria

    Has anyone got a job because of emulation?

    Just as the subject says: Has anyone got a job because of involvement in emulation?
  9. euphoria

    Has the PIF ROM been dumped?

    Does anyone know if a PIF BOOT ROM has been dumped? also known as the CIC-NUS-610x.
  10. euphoria

    Problem with VC 6.0

    I get this error: main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol @[email protected] build/debug/odnet9.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals Error executing link.exe. when i try to access function that is declared as: extern BOOL asmGetCPUType(CPUID_T *); and compiled with...
  11. euphoria

    What's the best gaming site?

    I haven't found a one site that would satisfy my gaming news hunger after GIA closed. So what's your favorite gaming site?
  12. euphoria

    Has anyone changed their motherboard's FLASH chip?

    The thing is that i was updating my bios and the worst happened, my motherboard died. So my question is, has anyone took of the flash chip and tried to flash it using another motherboard? The chip is hellofa tight stuck to the socket and i don't want to break it. Is there a 'way' to get it off...
  13. euphoria

    Glide64 v0.2 and voodoo1

    The plugin works really good, thanks Dave and the rest of the team... ...except atleast on my v1 card there are really noticable pauses like 1~2 seconds usually when entering a new place or turning around in a large place -> texture cache? And there are some glitches on Zelda: Majora's Mask, i...
  14. euphoria

    Native language to user info?

    I think it would be useful to have a native language in addition to country in the user info. Just so that ppl could be answered in their native language when it's impossible to make any sense in english. f.ex. Glide64 Although this could result in ppl only talking in native language which is bad...