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  1. Nikachu

    Conker's Bad Fur Day AI-Upscale

    Nine years after saying I might get around to it, here's a what I believe to be a completed pack for CBFD. Simply used an AI upscaler that I decided worked well and shoved the textures in one at a time. Any images that consisted of multiple individual textures were first "sewn" together in...
  2. Nikachu

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    Well... If it's safe, then I'll just leave this here as well as place it in the completed projects section :) BFD AI Upscale I used this upscaler. Not terribly great for textures that need to retain their grittiness, but otherwise seems to work quite well. I've also started messing with a pack...
  3. Nikachu

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    Hey guys, I recently got bored and created a Glide texture pack for Conker's Bad Fur Day using an AI image upscaler. I would love to share it, but I don't know what the legality of image manipulation like this is. Anyone happen to know about this? Can I safely distribute these images based...
  4. Nikachu

    Banjo-Kazooie (FULLY RETEXTURED)

    Well... I'm sure no one here knows me. I made this account a few years ago so that I could upload this pack, but I totally chickened out... This is a FINISHED texture pack that I created for Banjo-Kazooie. Being one of the games that I loved in my childhood, I found it sad that few people had...
  5. Nikachu

    Problems with textures and Rice's pluggin in both 1.6 and 1.7

    Okay, so I did some checking around on both Google and this site and didn't find anything that would appear to help me, so I'm sorry if I overlooked it :/ (Truely, I am) I hate wasting peoples time for no reason. Also, I don't post on forums often, so I'm sorry if I make other mistakes or come...