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  1. ShizZy

    Gekko - New website, new forums, new releases

    Hi Guys - I’ve recently gotten Gekko going again. The project is now GPL-licensed and being actively worked on at, and the new website is hosted at I’ve been posting regular builds at our new forums, however most of the work that...
  2. ShizZy

    EMU7800 v1.2 released

    Category: <b>Atari</b><br><br>EMU7800 v1.2, an Atari 7800 emulator, was released today. EMU7800 is for Windows and was written in .NET. You can grab the latest version from their sourceforge page. According to the developers, most ProSystem (7800) and VCS (2600) titles run well. EMU7800 runs on...
  3. ShizZy

    MAME 0.145 released and 15th anniversary!

    Category: <b>Arcade</b><br><br>Happy Birthday, MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)! The project turned 15 yesterday, and with it came release v0.145! MAME is perhaps one of the most comprehensive emulator projects to date. This release bring a long list of bug fixes and source changes...
  4. ShizZy

    My Fate with Gekko & a New Project

    I wanted to cross reference my post today on Gekko and let you all know that I have decided - after a long period of no updates - that I think I am officially done with my work on the project. With that, I also wanted to take the opportunity to make a plug for a new project I am working on with...
  5. ShizZy

    Happy 4th All!

    Steak. Beer. NOW. :party:
  6. ShizZy

    Gekko hits Digg Frontpage news!

    Last night Gekko made Digg frontpage news over a picture, the high resolution fullscreen of the Zelda WW Title (, pretty much locking up our server for the evening. (I think lightning said the cpu was running at 70 times 100%) I...
  7. ShizZy

    New Gekko Emu Content (Insider)

    Hello all- I'd just like to give a heads up over here of what has been in the works with Gekko. Along with the continuous development of the video plugin, we have been making great progress with the recompiler, as well as audio. With such accomplishments being made, we've decided to start a...
  8. ShizZy


    Anyone know what happened to Monk after the Exemu boards got hacked and shut down? Curious to see if he kept developing GCube...
  9. ShizZy

    Zelda Telescope Bugfix - Gekko Stay tuned :)
  10. ShizZy

    Gekko Video Plugin Update 2

    Some progress since I started the new video plugin for Gekko, about a month ago. As of right now, it's dubbed a "wireframe plugin" - however it's just as capable of rendering faces (I just choose to debug in wireframe mode). No textures are implemented yet, and I have not concentrated to much...
  11. ShizZy

    Gcube back from the dead!

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>It seems this awesome GameCube emulator is back and being worked on. From monk himself... So... gcube did mean to die at o.4, but after a long while of complete inactivity, I picked it up again and made a bunch of improvements. Unfortunately I'm not able to...
  12. ShizZy

    Gekko Status Update 1

    Hello, if anyone is interested in knowing, I have gotten back into working on Gekko after about 4 months of time off. I can't speak on behalf of the other developers, but I plan on working on a new video plugin, written from the gorund up. I'll be posting updates in here, so stay tuned :) For...
  13. ShizZy Goes Live!

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Feel free to come on in and grab a cup of coffee :) There's some new shots as well, plus stay tuned for other frequent news updates. Special thanks to Martin64 and this network for hosting the website, and also thanks to everyone who's...
  14. ShizZy

    Gekko WIP 10-4-06, Zelda Wind Waker

    Chrono over at NGemu posted a progress shot of Gekko running Zelda Wind Waker. Not going to bother posting it on Emu64, but if anyone cares, they can post it, or see here: Regards
  15. ShizZy

    Gekko GameCube Emu - Status Update

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br> Let's play guess the framerate :-) Please don't bombard us too much yet with questions, the emu is still in early stages. Creds go to myself (of course), Aprentice, Lightning, and Thakis. Feel free to check out #Gekko on Efnet IRC. ~ShizZy
  16. ShizZy

    Laptop CPU Upgrade?

    Hey, my laptop has a Mobile AMD Sempron 2800+, 1.60 GHz, 256 KB. I'm not exactly sure of the socket, or where to find it, but I've heard that semprons use socket 754 (may only be some of them). Is it possible then for me to upgrade to something allong the lines of an Athlon Mobile 3200+ 64...
  17. ShizZy

    GC Interrupts?

    Hi, does anyone have any documents, or is willing to explain how GC interrupts work/and are interfaced? I know what interrupts do, but I'm unable to grasp how they work properly on GC for Gekko. Any help appreciated, thank you.
  18. ShizZy

    GEKKO EMU-Looking for Website Designer

    For those of you who do not know, myself, aprentice, and thakis have been working on a WIP GameCube Emulator called Gekko ( A couple of weeks ago, Martin set us up emu64 hosting space, and a domain name Since then, the space has...
  19. ShizZy

    New GameCube Emulator Announced - Gekko

    Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Gekko (Not to be confused with the Gamecube's Cpu) is a "proof-of-concept" Gamecube Emulator that we have been working on for the past few months. What this means, is at this time it doesn't offer anything the other emulators don't, it is relatively slow and no...
  20. ShizZy

    Super Nintendo

    This is my next adventure, so I'm creating a thread somewhat similiar to that of the Nes/GB/C8 ones. Does anyone plan on doing one as well, or have done one? If so, post your docs/questions/ideas/shots etc. Here's the best docs I could find... beware, they're crude :D...