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    Advance Wars 2 help needed!

    Advance Wars 2 will not save. I am using 1.7.2 version of VBA and I need help. Does anyone know why advance wars 2 will not save? I want it to save because I cant play my custom maps if it dosnt. Someone please help me!
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    Xbox emulation help needed

    I downloaded the N64 emulator Surreal64 wich runs on the Xbox. I got the files onto the xbox(the emulator and stuff). I am using an Evolution X dashboard wich has an emulator option wich checks the hardrive for emulators and my emulators dont show up. I have them on the /I/ hardrive(on the...
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    Megaman 64 save problem

    My Megaman 64 saves the normal way by talking to Data, but if I quit the game and come back to it later there is no save. In other words i have to start a new game each time. if anyone has any idea why this does this( my other roms dont do this) please tell me.
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    How do i get this message to stop popping up?

    I get this message saying: "While prossesing graphics data an exception occured, you may need to restart your emulator." I went to the help thing on projects site and it said to simply restart like the emulator said to do, i did and it didnt work. It pops up often in evey game i play and i...