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    FF Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift

    Game works fabulously except for summoning Scions...but the BIG problem I now have is that I lost 3 days of playing as it saved but DIDN'T save... Yes the save state is in the correct placement of EEPROM 64k YES it saved a Battery State of the Game name exactly as the ROM is named. But it failed...
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    FFXII:Revenant Wings Save Issue in NO$GBA 2.6a

    I dunno what happend to it but apparently the save corrupted itself... I hadn't played in a while since I was awaiting the release of 2.6 and now since I see the .SAV file for FFXII in my Battery folder but the emulator nor the Rom Cart recognize I have a save. I managed to get it to see data...
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    couple games that need a looking at

    Warhammer 40k Squad Command Refuses to function #1757 - Solitaire Overload Essentially it overloads and the emulator goes BOOM soon as you try to play a game OF Solitaire lol
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    Stuck on Mission 3-2 it's being the biggest pain in my rear I cannot get the Treasure AND successfully keep Vaan alive:( :( :(