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    Dolphin Project?

    The Dolphin home page (, I didn't found any updates after July 2005. Why? The Dolphin project is paused? Aren't there any new versions of the software?
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    Problem with d3dx9_25.dll

    Hello. When I open the WhineCube, the aplication says: "Error initializing the aplication because the file d3dx9_25.dll was not found" What is the matter?
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    What is the best GameCube emulator?

    What do you think? What is the best and fast GameCube emulator? Dolphin, Dolwin or WhineCube? Thanks
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    Dolphin's question

    Excuse me, I'm spanish, my english is very very poor :blush: If someone can speak spanish, he is wecome. This is my problem: when I run te Dolphin Emulator, the Metroid Prime or Super Mario Sunshine games, the game says: "There's no memory card inserted in block A" and I can't play the game...