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  1. NicePics


    Saw Turok running on CXBX a couple of weeks ago. The avi was kinda crappy, but it was still quite amazing seeing this "next gen" game emulated. So my question is does any other game work as well?
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    Rice Video 5.5.0b2 & PD camspy works!

    Even has the fisheye effect :) Had problems removing the green lines obstructing the view, but <b>increase textrect edge</b> almost blurs them invisible. To avoid getting a black screen when using the camspy use <b>basic & write back</b> buffer emulation. Didn't get any of the other alternatives...
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    Newhexen shadow tearing

    What's wrong with this picture? Any ideas? <BR> <img src="">
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    Actress to play Samus

    When I read that there might be a Metroid movie in the works, I started thinking about who could play Samus. I'm voting for Sarah Michelle Gellar, she's proved herself capable of handling action and emotion for years on Buffy. Ok, so she shouldn't have signed on to that Scooby-bleedin'-Doo...
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    evoodoo 2.0.4 no window

    I can't run evoodoo 2.0.4 in window mode, it's greyed out. It works with evoodoo xp but I can't use that version, too slow. :cry:
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    Yeah... UltraHLE Alpha 1.1.5 and eVoodooXP 3.2 is either damn jerky, grey screen when fog enabled or usually both. And it eats up all free memory in the progress so I at least have to log out. Gl2ideal is the best wrapper but there's no using the lens of truth with that. And it leaves uhle.exe...
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    Metroid Fusion

    After watching the latest shots/videos from GC's Metroid Prime I have to say that the FPS angle really works. Great game for Xmas then. And for the nostalgia GBA's Metroid Fusion.:D
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    Metroid Prime trailer music

    Does any one know what music is playing on the Metroid Prime E3 trailer?
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    1964 and fog table emulation

    My GeForce2 card uses vertex fog as standard and is able to emulate table fog if a program needs it. Playing Majora's Mask on 1964 (Jabo D3D 1.40) the FPS drops from 60 to 15 when showing fog/smoke/steam. This is when I have "fog table emulation" enabled in nvidia's control panel. When I uncheck...
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    No Jabo D3D in TR64 WIP5.5

    Even though I have Jabo's D3D dll in the plugin folder and TR64 WIP5.5 recognises all the other plugins, Jabo's D3D doesn't show up in the selector window. Fiddling with the registry trying to manually select the plugin didn't work either. I sort of remember the plugin working in an earlier...