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    Your home computer

    A home computer prototype from 50s "10 kilowatts will be enough... :D :D :D"
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    What's wrong with Emutalk ?

    Huh ?
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    Extreme G

    Really tricky racing game :D P.S. It's not a plugin bug.
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    Blast Corps (any version)

    Hangs at intro (right at Blast Corps logo and car)...
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    Mortal Kombat 4

    Sound is waaaaay too fast ! Tried Jabo's Dsound + Jabo's RSP and Hacktarux's RSP, Schibo's 1.2, Azimer's 0.40 and 0.55.1 - all the same, tried to play with CF - still too fast
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    Again... Black screen
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    Babelfish says - MAME sucks !

    Emulation news translated from Spanish .... SUCK/MAME32 Extra! 0.76u2 Salio a new version of the emulator of SUCKS, the new features are these Added to the filters hq2x, hq3x, lq2x, lq3x of AdvanceMAME. The filters derived from hq2x, hq3x come from Maxim Stepin. ROFL !!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D...
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    SvC Bootleg hack

    It's screeens from hacked bootleg version of SNK vs. Capcom, called SvC Plus. Just all secret chars opened and a bit ugly flashing "PLUS" in intro.
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    Win98 bug fixed ?

    Looks like it's gone - Jet Force Jemini and Perfect Dark working perfectly, no more "Emulation thread exception" errors
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    Road Rash 64 : The mosquito orchestra

    Sound in Road Rash 64 is waaaaaaaaay too fast. NOT a plugin problem - tested w/ RSP plugin/Jabo's Dsound - same thing.
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    Perfect Dark (U) v1.1 crashes

    }}}}} Bug#1 {{{{{ Describe the Problem: Game crashes at start w/ 7F01A9C0: Exception in emulation thread error. How to Make this Problem Happen: Run the game... How Often Does this Problem Happen? [Rarely; Sometimes; Often; Always]: Rarely Rate the Problem [Not Serious; A Minor...
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    Wipeout64 doesn't work

    1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar): 0.9.9 2003-09-25 _____________________________________________________________________ Please specify your system: Operating System: Win98SE Processor : Celeron Coppermine (Pentium III) Processor Speed: 900Mhz BUS Speed (optional): 100Mhz FSB...
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    FreeDO public beta is released ! Here's some screenshots from PowersKingdom (released in US/europe as Guardian War) And here's the emu as main download page is a bit overloaded.
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    How about this notebook 512mb RAM .... blah blah.... newest Centrino technology.... blah blah.... Pentium 4M 2.0 with 1Gb L2 cache. :o :o :o :o CPUs in our, probably biggest and fastest mainframe in Europe have only 16Mb of L2 and here is gigabyte in mobile CPU. Well, let's load Unreal2 in...
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    KloneTalK :)
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    Why there's no emulator with that useful thing - to remember which plugin use and plugin config for current game. For example Turok 3 - glide64, Azi's 0.3.0, Nrage 1.82 It's time to extend zilmar's specs ? Or there's possibility to make frontend like ePSXexecutor ?
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    Road Rash 64 madness

    I've seen many N64 games run fast, but never seen anything runs so fast :o FPS counter shows 40-60 fps but real speed is 4-6 times faster than real N64. Sound speed is normal but game is waaaaay too fast...
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    Most powerful Socket7 system in the world ?

    I've got six 1Gb PC-100 dimms and two dead (and it was only diodes , so i've just replaced them and now hdds is working) 40Gb Ultra160 drives, so i've upgraded my server machine (also used to play old DOS games, because my new machine have only PCI sound cards with poor dos) compatibility) So i...
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    Old Notebook help needed ....

    I've got Chaplet NBD 486T (FCC ID: GXLD4X2TA) notebook in perfect condition, but without any drivers. There's a modem - FM-D48P ( FCC ID: GXLDFM-D48P) based on RC224ATF chip I've found some info - It's 2400 Rockwell modem chip. I have plans to use this antique stuff as control terminal, so i...
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    Final Stuff