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    ConveySDL-DC released

    Hello there. I ported Convey SDL to the Dreamcast. Hooray! It's now the 3rd dreamcast port of this game. My port doesn't even suppport the joypad, you can only use the keyboard. Blame me! ;-) I'll release a fixed version soon. The next update should have some new levels, too. I used SDL and...
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    We need news

    We really need news on the front-page. I posted some news in the related areas, but they didn't get front-paged. We really, really need news.
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    CrabEmu 0.1.9 released

    BlueCrab has released an update of his MasterSystem/GameGear emulator for Dreamcast, Mac OS X and Linux. What's new: Download CrabEmu here.
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    Dream Photo Manager 1.0.0 Released

    BlueCrab has released a nice application for Dreamcast: Source: I have posted this in GC emulation by mistake, can anyone move this to DC emulation?
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    Is EmuTalk dead yet?

    There are quite no updates on the front page anymore, and there's not much going on in the forums. Is EmuTalk/Emulation64 already dead?
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    Makaron T11/1 is out

    Makaron T1/1 was released a few days ago. Get it from here: Check out the official website:
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    CrabEmu 0.1.8 released

    BlueCrab posted about a new release of his MasterSystem emulator for Dreamcast and Mac. Source:
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    Dreamcast Info topic

    Since NesterDC is an application that runs on a Dreamcast, I think it would be good to add a Dreamcast info topic. Maybe someone pins this. About NesterDC SE As you may have noticed, NesterDC is no longer being updated. Scherzo, a very well known Dreamcast developer has released NesterDC-SE...
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    Today I found a video about Zelda TP on Youtube. But this game is very fast. I don't have any ISO or GCM so I don't know how fast Dolphin is. Is Dolphin really so fast?
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    Icon Bar

    Hi. Is it possible to add a toolbar with icons on 1.7 release? Like the one in 1964 or Mupen64.
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    Mupen64 crashes under Linux

    Hi! I'm using SuSE Linux 10.1. My Mupen64 binaries don't work. I've tried it, but after loading a game, nothing happens. For a moment you can see a window, but it closes after one second. Sorry for my English, it isn't my first language.
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    Hosting PJ64?

    Hi! I'm starting a little site about emulators (no roms!) and I want to host PJ64 1.6. I wanted to ask before, because I don't like to get problems. Am I allowed to host PJ64?