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    Hey everyone, long time no see, I haven't being around here for a while now... Happened to surf back to see whats going on. Just can't believe what I am finding here right now, a working GC emulator, wow.... is it for real? After looking at some of the screen shots, I can't begin to tell you...
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    the new Baaaabe Thread?

    well, I am really bored, so why don't we start another baaabe thread? Here we go!! :)
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    New Notebook Suggestions

    I will hopefully getting a New Laptop computer for University. I am currently thinking of buying a Dell or Toshiba, Dell has better custom service, but Toshiba has the looks :P. My budget is only around $1900 Candian (approximately $1450US), and I would like to have a M9 in the notebook. Please...
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    U soooo gotta watch this...! :) Enjoy
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    Which Post-Secondary Institution are u going after summer? (if applicable)

    Well, I am going to study Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Should be fun. :) I really want thouse 1337 haxor and programming skillz! Tell us where are u going:
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    confusing language...

    Let me start off with one: The statement below is true. The statement above is false.
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    Nvidia again... Nvidia is a baddass boy... EDIT: its not just NVIDIA, its ATI Too they seem to be using a "optimization" that caused a (42-65) FPS increase in 3D Mark 2001 Nature. The credibility of the two companies are at aproximately 0 for now
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    Faviourate Animes... (Top 5)

    favorite Animes... (Top 5) I am sure we have done this before, but here we go.. (If you want to post a list, give a reason why you like each one) 1. Escaflowne (I like everything about his one) 2. FLCL (I bet up someone using a gitar because of this...) 3. Now and Then Here and There (great...
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    Nvidia+Future Mark Joint Statement about Nvidia's "cheat" Basically, Futuremarks dismiss its claims regarding to "nvidia's" cheat and now they are convinced its a program specific optimization...
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    Newbie to Saturn need help

    Hey all, I am kinda of new to saturn so I have some question. Answers will be appericated :) 1. What is the best emulator and plugin for my computer? 2. What are the best games to play? Thanks again, :satisfied
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    Nvidia Cheats Identified!!!!

    NVIDIA SUCKS MAN, THEY SUCK BAD, 23% difference from driver cheats. 5900 Ultra's score droped from 5700 to 4700 in a new cheatproof version of 3dmark (that is readon 9700 level scores!!) It looks like ATI could be cheating as well though. Read...
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    Really werid screen shot from Zelda

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    Test your Internet connection :)

    go to : Select the test: all of above and post your results! My cable achieved 3267kbs, I am happy! :P post your results plz:
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    Temp too high?

    Well, I just recently overclocked my cpu by increasing the fsb on my bios. Cpu temperature now averages about 54C, is that too high? Or do you think I can crank it up a bit more?
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    A question about memory

    Hey I just got my self a 256MB DDR333 Ram My motherboard only support DDR266 but I decided to get a DDR333 because its backwards compatible and it has the same price as DDR266. Did I make the right decision about this? Would DDR 266 run better on my system? I can still switch the memory in 7...
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    Is anyone going to enter University this year?

    I am just wondering... I applied to UT Waterloo, UBC Queens and Calgary
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    Terrrist Attack in 10 Days?

    From MEMRI, - February 26, 2003 No.7 Islamist Website: An Imminent Terrorist Attack (Possibly by Al-Qa'ida) Within "About Ten Days" (Apparently in the U.S.) On February 24th, an Islamist website, - published a religious...
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    Command and Conquer Generals

    Has anybody purchased Command and Conquers: Generals yet? I have heard its pretty good, one of the best in the C&C series. If you have that game, please post your thoughts on it and maybe include a screenshot? Regards ra
  19. R hehe look at what happened to the al qaeda website.
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    What speed do you get for your internet connection?

    well I am just going to do a poll, kinda of interesting. I normally get about 150k average for my cable.