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  1. tehdarkknight

    Hey guys, I'm back... :P

    Wow, it's been so long since I've been here. What's up? So now that I'm in college and whatnot, I've been taking a lot of programming classes, and I was wondering if you guys had any plans of going open source with Dolphin? You may find that opening up the source code will allow people to look...
  2. tehdarkknight

    Dolphin + GCEmu = ???

    This may be treading on thin ice, but I was wondering if any code from GCEmu will be incorporated into Dolphin? (If it hasn't already...) I noticed that Fires, one of Dolphins coders, worked on GCEmu as well, and I got to thinking. Sorry if this bugs anyone, I'm just a little excited at the...
  3. tehdarkknight

    Dolphin Development Rumors

    I've seen / heard various rumors that Dolphin is temporarily done with development and/or development is very slow. ( :down: ) Are there any plans to go open source? (I'm not requesting code, though ;) ) Can someone prove / debunk these rumors for me?