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    !!!HELP!!! 1964Video Plugin

    I have a new computer and now the problem is the 1964Video plugin is not working anymore. What should I do?
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    Twilight Retexture Majora's Mask

    Download: Complete - Deku,Goron,Zora,Fierce Deity Link and Link - Deku,Goron and Zora - Ocarina Effekts - Termina Field - South,East,North and West Clock Town - Southerm Swamp,Deku Palace and Temple - Snowhead, Goron Town and Temple - Great Bay, Zora Hole...
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    SSBB Link (OoT) Retexture

    SSBB Link Retexture - All Colours YOU NEED THE GILDE 64 PLUGIN Download: Green Link Red Link Blue Link Silver/Pink Link Gold Link Shadow Link