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  1. legendj

    I'm back ...

    :w00t: yo :holiday: finally !!! im back !!! i was (more or less) three months without use internet !! but im back :D :cry: i wont cry !!! :---PPppp
  2. legendj

    more ps2 screenshots (now tekken 4)

    tekken 4 , japanese version lee/violet is the best.. eddy is good ';) i'll lose .. ';( well, i lost... but in the Ultra Hard... ';Þ it's normal ;D Score: Violet (me) 0 X 1 Law next time i win ..
  3. legendj

    Final Fantasy X on Playstation 2

    i playing the real ps2 ;D
  4. legendj

    about accounts ... how delete

    i have here in emutalk another account (i think the username is: bizkuit) i wanna know: how i delete this account ???? thankz :crazy:
  5. legendj

    dreamcast emulator..

    ;) When (More or less) will be released an good dreamcast emulator ?! to play commercial games ?! (P.S. : I got an dreamcast...)
  6. legendj

    audio pluggin

    Which is the best audio pluggin for n64 emulators ( :pj64: and 1964 ) ?!?!
  7. legendj

    Zelda : Majora's Mask Shots in 1964 newest ';Ð

    :bunny: Worked very good here ';ÐÐÐ