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  1. Gorxon

    Forum tells me to pop by...

    Hi, I guess it's time to say hello again to all of you old friends. To tell the truth the forum is nagging me :P "Hello Gorxon it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a...
  2. Gorxon

    Time to say good bye...

    Hi, Of course Opera crashed on me after me writing my post, but here's a second attempt... As I will be moving now and living at the school, I won't have very much time for internet and computer related activites anymore. (I won't be studying hard tho, it's not that kind of school...see here...
  3. Gorxon

    Happy Birthday TrotterWatch!

    Unless you're lying on the date, you should be 25 now :P If so, have a good one and happy birthday! :cheers:
  4. Gorxon

    Dualis Release 7 is out

    A new release of the Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has just seen the light - bringing it up to it's 7th release. Here's what's new: <font class=post_quote>CPU: Fixed a bug in ARM SUBS in IRQ mode CPU: Changed emulation of the VBlankIntrWait SWI a bit GPU: Fixed a bug introduced in r6 where VRAM...
  5. Gorxon

    Dolphin v1.02 release

    F|RES just informed me that he has released a new version of the GC emulator Dolphin. This version includes some bugfixes and the Dolphin site is also updated with some very nice-looking screenshots. Be sure to grab the emulator here and check out the new screenshots over at Dolphin's homepage.
  6. Gorxon

    PSP troubles?

    Stumbled over an old news post at . Check it out: Are there anyone of you who have experienced such problems with it or knows people who have? I guess not too many have imported it yet tho. Anyhow, that disc popping thing is quite...
  7. Gorxon

    Welcome to the Dolwin forum!

    It was time for Dolwin to get it's own forum here. I have setup or9 as moderator, so you all better behave! :icecream:
  8. Gorxon

    PSP price, battery lifetime and launch date revealed

    Sony revealed more information about the PSP today: The unit will cost $185 in Japan and will be released on December 12th. It's a bit cheaper than I had expected, considering that the DS will retail in the US at $149. As the $185 price is in Japan, it could be more expensive when it comes to...
  9. Gorxon

    Nintendo DS revealed?

    Today an image of what's supposedly the DS popped up everywhere on the internet. Apperantly the first one to get it was USA Today. I don't really know what to say, but that has got to be one of the ugliest handhelds I have seen. It's just too boring... Hopefully it isn't real and we will all...
  10. Gorxon

    Connecting two wireless access points

    I was wondering if it's possible to connect two wireless access points to eachother without the use of a bridge? If so, how would you configure them? Just set all the settings the same on both and then it should work? Can't find info about it on google...
  11. Gorxon

    P2P Legal Defense Fund

    Some of you might have heard of it long ago, but I thought I would post so those of you who hasn't and has a lot of money to give away would get to know it. Basically it's a fund where those who have been sued by RIAA can get donations, and you donate directly to a family. Some of you might even...
  12. Gorxon

    Ninphin update

    SculleatR informed me that he has just updated the Ninphin page with 5 new screenshots. He also brings a status update, where he among other things mentions that he sees no good point in releasing it yet. Here are some of the things he has done lately: COMPLETE CPU core rewritten .bin (raw)...
  13. Gorxon


    I bet you all have seen the "new amazing emu" Gamecubulator ;) Well, take a look at this one from #emulation64: (text quote didnt go well..trying screenshot)
  14. Gorxon

    Spotlight on ector

    Keith just informed me that he has has put up another "Spotlight on" feature on <a href="">EmuFanatics</a>, this time with the excellent coder ector. Many of you might recognize him from his work on Dolphin and Icarus and it's an interesting read, so be sure to head...
  15. Gorxon

    Nintendo DS specifications leaked

    The Nintendo DS specs was leaked yesterday. Apperantly it will be a quite powerful device, at least faster then I had expected. The memory worries me a little bit though, only 4MB (even Ngage...but then again, ngage has a Symbian OS using a lot of that). Anyways, check out the specs here...
  16. Gorxon

    GameCube Image Tools

    To prevent repeated postings about GC tools, here are some links to a few useful tools. The reason we do this is to prevent many posts asking about the same and other general stupidiness. As always, DO NOT ask for links to copyrighted material, like commercial GameCube games (games sold for...
  17. Gorxon

    It's someone's birthday today..

    ..and it's none less than our very own server admin Martin! As usual this is the event of the year , the day that everyone has been looking forward to ;) So, on behalf of I would like to say Happy Birthday Martin! :holiday: Hope you have a good one, and be sure to have a lot...
  18. Gorxon

    Difference between 9800 non pro and 9800SE?

    I had a 9800 PRO which I sent in for repairs...due to stock limitation it seems like I will never get a new one of that, so I am thinking of demanding a refund and buy a 9800SE. But is this card any good at all? I am fully aware it isnt a 9800 PRO, but if we compare it to, say a 9700 PRO...
  19. Gorxon

    Sony's PSP concept pics

    I hope im not posting something that is already discussed, but some (concept) images of sony's PSP was reveiled today... I think it looks kinda cool, although it can't possibly be any comfortable. Will be interesting to see how much battery life it will have though, as it has a optical disc...
  20. Gorxon

    My PC in aluminium suitcase project

    Hi, some of you might have seen the pic I posted of a weird PC in the N64 Adaptoid contest, and by demand ;) , I'll tell you all a little bit about how I made it. I don't have any pictures while I was making it, and as I still don't have a digicam, pics taken with my mobile will do for now...