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  1. SWAT_Marc

    Big bro tells me off :(

    Well, I have not posted in days (even a couple of weeks). The thing is that I entered here to read the most recent posts and that's what I read... I figure this is a warning before I get kicked on my nuts :( Other thing is that I lost my "recent posts" and avatar in the main page. Guys...
  2. SWAT_Marc

    Creating a forum

    Well, I've made a site for a skating group here in Valencia, Spain (you know the land of paellas and fallas :-P). The thing is that I want to create a forum but I've got no idea of that. Do you know how to make a forum? Or how to create a pre-made one? Thanks in advance :)
  3. SWAT_Marc

    ¿Official? ET Mario Kart DS Tournament

    ET Mario Kart DS Tournament Well, as Jaz encorauged ShizZy elitemperor and me, I'm creating this thread. (Remember guys, it's Jaz fault :P) I know that, if we stick this thread, the tournaments will become more successful. At first we should gather all our friend codes. Once we do, we'll be...
  4. SWAT_Marc

    New look for old games in Revolution

    Looking intothis link we hear that Nintendo is trying to make some old games look "better". Have they seen how GREAT can look games with Rice's plugin and now they want to make something similar with Revo? It's just a question... :blush: