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  1. paulscode

    Possible interface changes

    During the course of writing an Android front-end, I've run into two small hurdles which would require somewhat hackish workarounds to avoid modifying the core. These may be very specific to my project and not likely to affect most front-end devs, but I thought I'd bring them up anyway in case...
  2. paulscode

    A Hacker's Guide to the Nintendo 64

    I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise enough money to pre-order some dev-kits for my team to help port Mupen64Plus to the OUYA video game console. To bring in more backers, decided to write an e-book called "A Hacker's Guide to the Nintendo 64", and provide it as an exclusive...
  3. paulscode

    Porting Mupe64Plus to WiMM One

    Having successfully ported Mupen64Plus to Android (with a LOT of help from the emulation community, of which I am very grateful), I've been looking for a new opportunity to push the envelope. I recently came across a device called the WiMM One. This is a wristwatch running a slashed down...
  4. paulscode

    Mupen64Plus "Code License"

    I was recently made aware that some branches of my app (Mupen64Plus, Android Edition.. a port of Mupen64Plus to Android), published by a couple of other developers, were taken down from Google Play after an individual named Michael T. (For privacy reasons, I'm not writing his full last name)...
  5. paulscode

    Where to interface Rumble Pak? (custom input plug-in)

    I am customizing the input plug-in (based on Input-SDL source), and trying to figure out where to interface the Rumble Pak. It looks like the correct function is in ControllerCommand, so that's where I'm starting. From there, it looks like I need to be under: switch( Command[2] ) { ...
  6. paulscode

    Getting a ROMs Header Name Without Closing Loaded ROM

    Is there a way to get a ROM's header name (or CRC number), without having to close the currently loaded ROM and opening the second one? I can probably just copy code from the core for reading the header or call some existing functions if they don't affect the currently loaded ROM. I just...
  7. paulscode

    How to asign input configs to specific controllers?

    I'm a bit embarrassed to ask, but I'm stumped on this for some reason. I've set up four custom input configurations in InputAutoCfg.ini, and I'd like to assign each to a specific controller number. How is this done programmatically (from the front-end, for example)? Thanks in advance!
  8. paulscode

    Mupen64Plus 2.0 API licensing question (for those who don't speak lawyer)

    I have a license-related question, which I tried to answer by studying the GPL text. However, after digging through the legal mumbo-jumbo that is the GPL, I am not really any more certain now than when I started. I thought I would post the question here in case a more legally-minded person can...
  9. paulscode

    SDL version?

    What version of SDL is Mupen64Plus 2.0 planned to be based on? I see that version 1.5 references SDL 1.2 parameters like SDLK_LAST and SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL (I haven't looked closely enough at the 1.99.4 source code yet to see if that is still the case). If the current version still uses SDL...
  10. paulscode

    Plans to include ARM dynarec in v 2.0?

    As the title suggests, I'm checking if there are plans to include the ARM dynarec in Mupen64Plus v. 2.0. The reason I ask is that if the ARM dynarec will already be officially supported in v 2.0, I will probably wait for it to be released rather than putting a lot of effort into adding the...
  11. paulscode

    Porting Mupen64Plus to Android

    Having been out of the emulation scene for a few years, I recently decided to play some of my old N64 ROMs. I went with Mupen64Plus 1.99.3 for the emulator, and I was so impressed with the program that I had to dig around in the source code. I really like the modular nature of this library -...