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  1. Yogi

    Which emulator runs best on Windows 7?

    I'm currently on windows 7 x64. I have transferred all my previous n64 folders from winxp to the current win7 platform & i found that i have issues with sound & controller. I know windows 7 uses a different sound api & this definitely screws the previous generation of emulators. I now use the...
  2. Yogi

    Possible to have a 3D glasses plugin!?

    Look at this!! :bouncy:
  3. Yogi

    Help in retexturing/translating wave racer - shindou edition

    Currently, i'm trying to translated the menus of the japanese wave racer - shindou edition to english. However, i'm first time doing it. I read the tutorials, it seems pretty straight forward, but i can't seem to get the results. Initially, i tried replacing the texture from the japanese...
  4. Yogi

    Sound reversed in Zelda's games!!!

    This happens with the original Ultrahle, now it happens again with 1964!!! Is it becos the sound plugin is the same as the ultrahle's?
  5. Yogi

    What's wrong after updating to Catalyst 3.6

    I have just updated my hercules 8500le to the latest drivers from hercules's site and my project64 1.5 keep giving me graphics error message: direct3d failed to initialise your HAL device make sure you have a properly configured 3d graphics card compatible with direct3d 6.0 Wat's wrong...
  6. Yogi

    evoodoo cannot set display mode

    Got this problem with the new UltraHLE2064 using DX7 plugin. Anyone any advise? Works in Opengl though, but there are errors with the textures. (wrong colors) System spec: AMD 600Mhz 384mb ram Hercules Radeon 8500le (Catalyst 2.5) Win98SE