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  1. Federelli

    New Revision (667+) savegames

    New Revision (657+) savegames Could anyone give us a hand recovering our savegames? jpeterson57 do you read these forums? :D I'll try hex editing the memcard, hopefully it'll work.
  2. Federelli

    DeSmuME v0.7.0 released!

    Enjoy :).
  3. Federelli

    GoodNDS v0.0.2

    Just heard of it, haven't given it a try.
  4. Federelli

    Final Fantasy III - Not that bad - Screenshots

    As far as it goes :)
  5. Federelli

    Federelli's Retexture Pack for Zelda OOT and MQ

    Federelli Retexture Pack for Zelda OOT and MQ Ok, it's up, and you can download it, don't expect superb download speeds though. Must reads: 1) If you want a particular texture remade, then upload it's dump here, and me or someone here will give it a shot. 2) I've included French text for...
  6. Federelli

    Nothing but this ->

    All i get when i run Dolwin (i've tried every single setting), is the following: The only way to get something to boot is to enable the developer console, and still all i get is a memory card missing error (obvious cuz there is no mem card at all), and a gray screen with no display whatsoever...
  7. Federelli

    Memory card Emulation

    What are the chances of using the code from Dolwin, in Dolphin? Are both emulators written in the same language? Thanks in advanced :)
  8. Federelli

    Audio HLE

    Is it possible, that for some bizarre reason, inside the sound plugin configuration menu, the functions of Dummy Sound and Audio HLE are inverted?? Dummy sound, when ticked is supposed to null sound, but instead it disables HLE Audio . HLE Audio, when unticked, is supposed to disable Audio HLE...
  9. Federelli

    New LemD3D8 released by Lemmy

    I had the honour of speaking with Lemmy this evening, and we discussed various things. Amongst them, he sent me his latest version of his "plugin", which uses Pixel Shaders and no longer requires the .dat file to be used. As said, this "plugin", uses Pixel Shaders. It is far from perfect, in...
  10. Federelli

    Federelli's Nemu64 .ini Wip

    Federelli's Nemu64.ini Wip Guys this is a WIP so i need help, please report missing games and inconsistencies in this thread I've corrected lot's of games since last release, added lots more. But i still need help as you can see :) Please Read "Read this file.txt" Download Federelli's...
  11. Federelli

    My latest Nemu ini
  12. Federelli

    Top Gear Rally bug

    The game won't work unless you disable sync game to audio, in the audio options (or you can also enable dummy mode) The game goes berserk, and it's way too fast, i have to use 4xfsaa to limit it's speed to 150%!! Otherwise, the speed is way over 300% fixable?
  13. Federelli

    New ini file download - V1.7, Lots of enhancements

    More games added, fixed, and lots of comments updated Enjoy, tell me what you think I still need to finish the readme files, so consider this a WIP
  14. Federelli

    New .ini file - download

    Enjoy it, lots of things added
  15. Federelli

    The world is not enough without sound

    that sounds nice :D:D anyway, does anyone have sound in this game? i don't... Lac, can this be fixed?
  16. Federelli

    New nemu64.ini 1.5 - Download

    New nemu64.ini 1.53 - Download Wellwell, Harteex has been helping so has Stelly I've got Dutch, French, Spanish and English translations :D:D Added a lot more games, fixed alot as well :D:D enjoy it and comment on it ->updated
  17. Federelli

    nemu64.ini 2.31

    nemu64.ini 2.50 Fixed the default settings, added compilermode 3 explanation will keep udating update-> possible fix for diddy kong racing's funny twisting heads update2->Huge release!! - fixed default settings, added over 20 games, fixed 16, including Rugrats, Mickey's speedaway, and more...
  18. Federelli

    New nemu ini v 2.3 - download here

    Enjoy it, added more games :D i think they are, power rangers, worms, vigilante8 1 & 2, pokemon snap, thps1, tom & jerry in fists of furry, hybrid heaven pal. and i corrected lots of comments, plus it's now a multilanguage ini comment on it plz
  19. Federelli

    New Nemu ini V 2.20 - Download here

    New Nemu ini V 1.25 - Download here Enjoy it, comment on it plz updated-1.25, now in spanish and english, enjoy it, more games fixed, added ridge racer 64
  20. Federelli

    New nemu ini V.1.14- Download here

    New nemu ini V.1.16- Download here Enjoy it, lot's of games added and comments updated edit: updated again, mario kart playable, more games added