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  1. mesman00

    for you linux gurus (help)

    hey, for all you linux gurus (gentoo in particular), if you can take a look at this thread as see if you can be of any help, i would really appreicate it. thanks.
  2. mesman00

    message handler macro for OnVisible method

    does anyone know what macro i need to add to the message map in order to use the OnVisible() method in the CHtmlView class. what i want to do is allow the user be able to show or not show the web browser (chtml view object). this is how i am currently doing it. i call the OnVisible method and...
  3. mesman00

    mfc open dialg question

    i'm using the CFileDialog class to create an open dialog box. here is my question. i wanna set the file filter types, but i am unsure how to do it. i know i need to use the m_ofn struct, and the lpstrFilter member flag. but i don't know how to initialize the flag so it displays properly in...
  4. mesman00

    fed up with mfc

    ok i keep posting simple problems here, so i probably sound liek a total noob. but i don't care. i have created a menu using msvc++ resource creator tool. here the actual code generated by msvc++ #define APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS...
  5. mesman00

    mfc close message

    i'm using mfc. what is the message sent by the window when the close button in clicked. in the regular win api it's WM_CLOSE, but it's apparently differently in mfc. i tried including ON_COMMAND(WM_CLOSE, OnClose) in my message map, but to no avail. thanks.
  6. mesman00

    menu check marks

    ok, this should be something fairly simple but after 10 minutes of google searching i haven't come up with the answer, so i'll post here. i am writing an mfc app in visual studio 6. i have a menu that allows the user to select which format they want to view a doc in, html, xml, or txt. the...
  7. mesman00

    outputting in a command prompt from a windows app

    this is what i want to do. i am writing a windows app (using MFC) and want to output messages to the command prompt using the iostream lib (cout). how do i go about doing this. since i have been using java for hte last six months i know in java you can just run the executable from the command...
  8. mesman00

    ucontrollable linker errors

    i'm working on this project and i am getting an insane amount of linker errors, which i can't seem to find the source of. i don't know if there is something in the setting which i need to configure, etc. here are the errors i am recieving: --------------------Configuration: dcmsrview32 -...
  9. mesman00

    "Debug Assertion Failed" Error

    this is something i have never seen before. everything compiles fine but i get a runtime "Debug Assertion Error" when i try to execute a certain line of code. I have pin-pointed it to the exact line of code, and i have no idea what is causing this. The error is also triggered when i just...
  10. mesman00

    computer trouble

    i am having some trouble with one of my computers. when i turn it on, sometimes i comes up and loads everything fine. however, sometimes when it showed the nividia bios info right when turning on, it keeps flickering, and the bios keep appearing, and it keeps flickeing, and then the screen...
  11. mesman00

    c++.NET help

    alright, i need some freaking help, as i am going nuts. I've never used C++.NET before, and now at work they tell me that i need to write this program in .NET instead of good old C++ which has never done anyone wrong. (can you tell I already hate .NET just from a few hours of using it)...
  12. mesman00

    removing the heatsink

    i remember when i built my computer putting the heatsink on was a pain in the ass. now i want to remove it, which is an even bigger pain in the ass. can anyone piont me to a site that gives a good step by step instructions (perhaps with pics) for doing this, or just give me a walkthrough. thanks.
  13. mesman00

    computer won't turn on

    well my computer just won't turn on now. it was running the other day for like two minutes and i went away for a while, and when i came back it was off. i tried to turn it back on, but i keep hitting the power button and nothing happnes. The LEDS on the mobo are still lit, but maybe that's...
  14. mesman00


    i finally got unlazy and installed fire fox on my linux boot (not like it takes much effort, all i had to do was download the pre-compiled binary) and it is superior. even kicks opera's ass imo.
  15. mesman00

    nes docs

    i'm looking for a good nes doc, especially one that talks about how info is stored in the ROM. can someone lead me to a good doc?
  16. mesman00

    gentoo performance issues

    i really haven't thought to ask about this until now, but i've been using gentoo pretty much all the time now for the past couple of months. anyway, my question is this. On my computer it takes a real long time to move big files (60 mb) to other locatiosn. Like to cut a paste a 60 mb file...
  17. mesman00

    new to java

    hi. i'm new to java, and was wondering if there was a define statement like in c. for example, in c i can define something as follows: #define SIZE 40 Now everytime the compiler sees SIZE i will substitute the integer 40. Is there someway to do this in java? thanks.
  18. mesman00

    where's way off topic?

    what the? i was just browsing and saw that the way off topic forum is missing? have i missed something here.
  19. mesman00

    music converter for linux

    to all those linux gurus. does anyone know a good music converter? something that will let me convert .flac files and .shn files to wave or mp3 files for linux? also, does anyone know of an mp3 tag editor that will let me edit using the ID3 V2 format like in winamp. XMMS only uses ID3 V1...
  20. mesman00

    problem emerging xmms

    i am having trouble emerging xmms. during the compile i get the folloing error: mv: cannot stat 'xmms.po': No such file or directory make[2]: *** [xmms.pot] Error 1 make[2]: Leave directory '/var/tmp/portage/xmms-1.2.7-r20/work/xmms-1.2.7/po' make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 make[1]: Leave...